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Candidates and spouses?

Asked by Judi (39833points) October 1st, 2008

I was really young, but it seems to me that when Geraldine Ferraro ran for vice president, everything her husband had ever done was out in the open press. When Bill Clinton ran for president, we heard all about Hillary’s buisness, being the first “working” first lady. We even heard quite a bit about the accomplishments of Lynn Cheney. How come we are not hearing anything about Palin’s husband? If you search the internet you can find plenty of stuff about his Independant party affiliation, but nothing in the mainstream media about who he is, his background, his education or his politics. Why is that? Is it just so inflamatory that they are afraid to tell us or is there just nothing there to tell?

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He’s probably a serial killer.

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Censorship by the regime?

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i know he is a competitve snow moblie racer or rider or something to do with snowmobiles.

and im pretty sure he is in the oil buisness. (which i think is a big factor of why McCain picked Palin, cuz he wants to drill in Alaska)

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Actually, officially he doesn’t want to drill in Alaska, but Palin says she’s working on him.

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I don’t need to know anything more than that he married an idiot like Sarah.

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Well, she is only the vice presidential candidate. You’re mostly comparing her husband’s exposure to the exposure of past presidential candidates’ spouses. And Lynn Cheney has gotten talked about more because her husband was actually elected.

How much do you recall hearing about, say, Lloyd Bentsen’s, John Edwards’, or Jack Kemp’s wives? I don’t recall much, personally – in fact, although I’m sure they were all charming and/or accomplished women, I don’t even remember any of their names.

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Elizabeth Edwards? are you joshing? I know more about her than I do John at this point.

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@SpatzieLover: nope, I’m serious. Don’t know a thing about her. :)

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Wow. Well, she is going to die from breast cancer which has spread into her bones. She home schools their two children (boy & girl…Jack & I forget). She hit the campaign trail in one direction while he hit in the other. She’s a former lawyer. They had two older children, but one died in an accident.

That’s what I know…the others I didn’t think were going to get anywhere, so I must admit I didn’t take notice (Bentsen/Kemp).

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(You forgot to mention that she has a husband who cheats on her.)

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@syz ugh, I’d like to forget it. What a disappointment.

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Since statistics show that a large % of married men cheat, don’t you think it is a moot point. Certainly John McCain would because he started seeing #2 while married to and living with #1.

Usually the spouse hasn’t been a target until after the election. Hillary was Hillary until she was asked what her role would be as 1st lady. When she said she wouldn’t be home baking cookies, all hell broke loose and she became a target. Of course inn 1993 most of us were working and baking meant putting the premixed refrigerated dough in the oven for 10 minutes.

During campaigns the spouses do their jobs by putting on their June Cleaver personas and speaking only when spoken too. I think Mr. Palin is closely following the pattern except instead of smiling adoringly, he is being the strong silent stereotype.

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Here is a link to alaska’s main newspaper (anchorage daily news) that has had lots to say about Todd Palin, or the “first dude”:

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Todd stands by his women. She is under investigation for firing Monegan (her sisters bitter ex’s boss) and Todd is heavily involved in it and in all(?) her issues as Gov. He was issued a subpoena to appear before a legislative hearing on the matter which he has refused to cooperate with. Sarah initially pledged her support for this investigation winning my heart by saying “hold me accountable” and “I will make government transparent” and “I have nothing to hide” yada yada but once McCain announced her as VP she has betrayed us and refused to cooperate and now appears to be getting away with avoiding the issue.

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