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If you are not registered to vote, is it because voter registration rolls are used to select people for jury duty?

Asked by JackAdams (6536points) October 3rd, 2008

In some states (Nevada, for one), driver license records are also used to select potential jurors.

Many law enforcement folks refuse to register to vote, because in some states, voter registration records are public records, and this means that their enemies could access the rolls, find out an officer’s residential street address, then use that information to harm the officer, or members of his/her family, which has been done.

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Na, I’m just lazy.

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I registered just so I could be chosen for jury duty! I know, I’m strange. It took 50 years, but i finally got to be on a jury.
Murder, arson, and drugs. It rocked!

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In some communities, you can telephone a number and volunteer for jury duty, without being a registered voter.

I’ve often telephoned the number in my town, just to “volunteer” folks I don’t like.

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My state (Tennessee) used to assign jury duty from a list of registered voters. I had several friends subpoenaed for jury duty within weeks of registering to vote.

As I was 18 at the time and had no real interest in politics, I didn’t register for that very reason.

Now the state law has been changed and bases jury duty selection on driver license records.

That’s a pretty good gag, Jack. Who volunteers for jury duty? Surely not suitable jurors.

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They use driver’s license registration for that here in IL, so if you don’t want to be on a jury, don’t drive, ha.

Jury duty is easy to get out of. I live in a Republican district, but I am a registered Democrat. I’ve only been called up once, and was dismissed without being called for selection.

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How did you get dismissed?

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They use driver’s license registration in Wisconsin as well. I never wanted to be called when my kiddie was young, but now I’d love to be on a gory murder case. They’d probably never pick me though…there goes that judging on appearances again!

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I’m sure you’d get off on viewing the crime scene photos, with all the blood and entrails…


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I probably would be very interested. Depends on the case. I’d get more upset if it was a child or an animal. If one drug dealer chopped up another one…I’d be chuckling.

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Now, that would disqualify you, right there…

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See what I mean? :{

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To get dismissed, show up at the jury selection and
make it clear that you’re biased. Good opportunity
to do some ranting.

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I saw a guy get excused from jury duty, just by glaring at the black defendant and exclaiming to the judge, quoting, “I think the [‘N’ word] looks guilty.”

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I think many states use license records. I just got called for duty : (

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I would love to get jury duty. I’m kind of pissed off that at 41, I’ve never been called!

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You might see if your county has a telephone number that you can call to volunteer for jury duty.

I’m sure the officials in your community would be delighted to add your name to their list.

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