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What do you think about Amazon's kindle?

Asked by greeeengloves (125points) October 4th, 2008

Is it a a good idea or not? I like that it is enviromentally friendly, but I also like the idea of owning an actual book. Does anyone here own one? If so, how are you liking it so far.

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What do you think about Amazon’s Kindle?


Search features are great. They are your friend.

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Sorry I’m new to this site.

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I’ve got a Sony PRS-500. I was an early adopter to e-ink devices. I think the novelty of it has kinda worn off and I’ve never actually made it through a full book with device. Kindle looks much better then the old Sony and if you plan to buy all your books from Amazon, I’d say it would be a win. Go for it.

This would be a great question for all those same people (from the other question) to answer six months later. I’d like to know if they still think it is a good idea (if they are owners).

I’m thinking of getting one myself but that is a pretty damn hefty price tag.

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greeeengloves you have nothing to apologize for. You have every reason (and right) to ask this question. There are new people here in fluther every day, and they may like to answer it too, without having to go and search for it.

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I have played with one for a few days and it was shockingly nice to read on it. The button placement was a little weird. I accidentally hit the buttons to change pages a bunch of times. But it was overall a good experience.

I don’t really see it replacing paper books. I love to collect books and I also love the smell of old books.

If I was riding a bus to get downtown I would just bring the paper version. If I was spending 3 months taking a train around Europe I would bring a Kindle.

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@squirbel – to be fair, that Q was asked in March. We aren’t against duplicate Qs (except for factual Qs…which can only have a limited amount of answers) as long as they aren’t within one or two months of each other. Since it’s been a while since asked, this Q should hopefully get newer opinions.

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Actually, thread necromancy is looked upon favorably by the fluther, since people follow questions even after it is old.

Also, the first rule to using Fluther (per the faq) is to search.

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@squirbel – You do know that PnL is a moderator?

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i’m absolutely torn on this.

my initial response is completely against it; maybe i am simply too old fashioned, but i absolutely grimaced when i first saw the thing. an electronic simply cannot replace a book for me.

but then the environmentalist in me is like “hey! think of the trees!”, and though the other side of me is like “pshh, but think of the books”, i guess it does have some positive aspects. and i’m sure the kindle is good for some people, who may have some sort of problem in which they can’t easily read a book, and the kindle makes it easier for them.

i mean, it is the same literature, but. i don’t know. i wouldn’t buy one. i’ll plant more trees and keep buying books.

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I think it’s great, but too expensive. I buy almost all of my books at a used book store, so the low price on the electronic versions of books does not appeal to me and the hardware is too expensive up front.

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