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I got a new laptop and everytime i play a video?

Asked by blueknight73 (2706points) October 5th, 2008

it only plays about 3 seconds and then hesitates and continues this thru the whole song, why is this? thanks

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We need more information. Do you mean a video you have on your computer or a video on youtube?

If it’s a video on your computer, what software are you using to play the vid?

Also, what OS? (XP, Vista, Mac…etc)

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@PnL It’s probably a Pc.. hehe

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its a laptop running windows vista. im talking about youtube videos.thanks

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i would say make sure your browser is up to date. As well as the latest flash player installed. If they are already installed then i dunno.

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Do you let the video load? As in after clicking “play”, you should pause it and let the video load for a bit (see the progress bar). This is the most obvious solution I think. What internet do you use? (Dial up, DSL, Cable…etc).

This is the progress bar I am referring to.

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i have dsl. it came with windows media,is there a update i need. this laptop is only 3 months old

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Media player has nothing to do with YouTube, and I advise you to remove wmp and get VLC player.

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If you’re watching YouTube videos online it may be a bandwidth issue. Try resetting your DSL modem and see if that makes a difference.

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