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Beowulf video?

Asked by FiRE_MaN (684points) October 6th, 2008

For my british litterature class i have to make a video with some others in my class acting out a seen from the story Beowulf. We are not sure what seen we want to do .. and we also have to write a 3 page paper on the part we are doing so it cant be to short of a scene… so if anyone has any good ideas that would be peachy haha.

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Uh the obvious choice is what everyone would do and that would be the battle against Grendel, but personally I wouldn’t choose that because that’s the easy way out of it, I think I would go along the lines with something more important in the story, personally I think the battle against the dragon would be the best, it shows kinship between two peoples, while the other warriors are afraid, Unferth is the one who stays with Beowulf while the others coward off and go hide, that would be a good scene to do, and you could focus your paper on the times of how strict people were with when it comes to different communities? I hate to say kins again but it fits that better than the word community.

You can say how Beowulf was true to what he says and true to the chivalric code by protecting the king and honoring his position rather than boasting, like that one guy that Beowulf made fun of who he said was like Cain for killing his brother.. etc.. blah blah you know the story, hope this helps!

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Personally, I like the story when Beowulf is describing how he swam across the ‘whaleroad’. It was the story that he uses to prove that he is indeed a great hero. Of course, the story is an extraordinary exaggeration, like most hero stories…

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well of course, it’s a heroic poem frame story, the only thing though is that it shows how macho beowulf is, it doesn’t really do much more to the story except for that he uses it to shun whats his face (still can’t remember his name), asking what he’s ever done in his lifetime…

this is bothering me, what was his name.. to sparknotes!

Unferth is his name, the guy that is jealous of beowulf

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But what’s great about the story is that Beowulf knows that everyone else knows that it’s a great exaggeration but it doesn’t matter. What matters is the entertainment of the story and part of the role of the hero is not only to do great deeds but to sweep everyone along by means of his words. It’s what convinced the others to accept someone new to their group. It’s not just a point about macho, but a point about how a stranger is accepted. At least, that is how I remember it.

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