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how do you get rid of fruit flies?

Asked by dans85 (109points) November 13th, 2006
fruit flies, small apartment
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Take a look at
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don't leave fruit out. if they have nowhere to lay eggs, they'll die off in a day or two. very short life span
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toss out the rotten fruit. also, i once lived in a house where we used sundews (carnivorous plants), but keep in mind that they need to be kept in very specific conditions.
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Fruit Fly Traps. This totally works. Mix Vinegar, water, and sugar in a used jar. Cover it with saran-wrap and rubber band it on. Poke holes in the saran-wrap with a knife. Wait for a few days and enjoy!
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I've always wanted to have a pet bat, but the wife says no. Party pooper.
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Put the rotten friut in a bread bag or newspaper bag & stand the bag up straight. In the morning, quietly sneak in the kithchen, grab the bag closed & they're trapped. It's fun.
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I'm gonna second Ma-goo - I've seen it work MANY times. :) :)
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I've also heard of fruit fly traps with dish washing soap
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I was just reading about carniverous plants as a great way to get rid of fruit flies. And not just Venus fly traps, but the more aesthetically pleasing pitcher plants. The article was so convincing I'm going to get one (or three) for my kitchen this weekend.
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@Chubbo’s fruit fly trap sounds good. I have also made a simpler fruit fly trap by filling a wide mouthed cup or jar with hot soapy suds and a little vinegar. The vinegar attracts them, and then they drown in the bubbles.

Also, I’ve heard that fruit fly eggs often come into your place via the stems of bunches of bananas. Not sure if it’s true, but I’ve started washing bananas when I buy them and I’ve had less occurrence of them recently.

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