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Dharma, Karma and ?

Asked by VoodooLogic (724points) October 8th, 2008

I’m looking for the definition:
the driving force that complements the idea of karma and dharma.

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Schwarma. Mmmmm

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I was being serious, it’s actually Sangha, not Brahman. One of The Three Jewels of Buddhism.

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@shrubbery – In Buddhism, maybe. But the Q asks about Hinduism (see tags), and the 3 major principles in Hinduism have to do with Dharma (beliefs/ethics), Karma (actions) and Brahma.

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Ok my bad. Sorreeee, I confess to my lack of reading tags. I’ve got Buddhism on the brain, just wrote an essay.

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Not big Pharma?

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Hinduism was first on Wiki. Maybe they have better marketing, with the exception that brahman and brahma have entirely different links.

Recently, I also connected with the term atman. which was explained to me as the complement to Brahman.

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Atman is not necessarily the compliment to Brahman.

Atman the individual manifestation of the universal Brahman.

In western terms, Atman would be like the soul and Brahman would be like God.

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