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What is the best chillout/trance music?

Asked by travistotz (123points) August 14th, 2007

I guess I'm looking for great electronic/chillout music (kind of easy listening too) - the kind that really enhances your mind. Just to give you a sense of what I'm thinking of I really enjoy the CSI soundtrack, Moby, Chemical Brothers, etc. I'm looking for something with minimal voice, and not too electronic or dance-like. Please help...

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Hey Travis, try to find the Emporio Armani Caffee albums, those are great, also look for tango electronico, its a cool and kind of new genre that you may probably enjoy, with a lil' more vocals there is this band, tukan and also royksopp, you might find those interesting, there are also compilations from Cafe del Mar, a club in Lima, Peru. Cafe del Mar compilations are widely known... enjoy the music.

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Sorry, I missed one thing, the original cafe del mar is located in Ibiza, Spain, there is also one in Singapore. I don't know for sure if they are related, but I think the answer is yes... The albums are recorded for the main spot in Spain and are mixed by the dj's that are considered as residents in the spot...

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Try Sigur Ros for minimal vocals or Sufjan Stevens if you dont mind some vocals.

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I may get crap for it, but I always go back to The Crystal Method - Vegas

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Get a copy of i-Tunes on your computer and go to the section for chill-out music. They have several great stations!! Or you can go to this website - figure out what you really like and then buy it! They have exactly what you're looking for.

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Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Deep Forest

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Daves lounge podcast (subscribe via iTunes) is a great way to get 30 minute sessions of chill-out electronic music that is soothing and relaxing. Sounds like exactly what you are looking for. :)

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Hi Travistotz,

A really dreamy, trancey, chilly group is called Air. I love their album, Moon Safari. It is totally mellow and hypnotic. Not as square as Moby or as driven as Chemical Brothers. I would second the recommendation to hear Royksopp. I like them a lot. I have the Melody A.M. album. The others I haven't heard. I am looking forward to checking out Deep Forest and the other artists described here! I will let you know if I think of anything else. I am so glad there are lots of electronic music lovers on this site!

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since we are talking about Air, dont forget to check their other great album 10000 Hertz Legend (specific good songs - kelly Watch The Stars, Ce Martin La)

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Thank you all immensely, so far I think I've liked all of these suggestions a LOT! And thank God for iTunes, I never knew the wide array of podcasts and stations there were! Any further suggestions from anyone would be greatly appreciated!

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For ambient music try Explosions in the Sky (my personal favourite is 'The Earth is not a Cold Dead Place'). They are a post rock band with a melancholic yet rhythmic sound. I love the song 'Your Hand in Mine'.

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Have you ever used the Pandora music service ( ? It’s free streaming radio, and the cool thing is you get to plug in songs or artists that you like (in your case, Moby, Chemical Brothers) and it will play back music that shares the same qualities. As it plays songs you can rate them ‘thumbs up’ or ‘thumbs down’, and it will use that to ‘learn’ what kind of music you like. After a while you end up with your own personal radio station that only plays music you like!

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I was gonna say Sigur Ros but someone beat me to it.
I also really like Madredeus. I think they’re brazillian.

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my new trance obsession is a band called CEPIA and their new album Natura Morta

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Hello !!!! I love that someone wrote deep forest.. I love them too!!!!! I love to drive with deep forest..

But check out this songs people:

- morcheeba – big calm (very nice but listen to the whole song)
– Oliver shanti & friends – sacral nirvana
– Ole staveteig – little wing
– Hudson Mohawke – FUSE
– Eric johnson – cliffs of dover

i think you might like these

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