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Do you think something absurd is going to happen tomorrow?

Asked by girlofscience (7567points) October 14th, 2008

Are things gonna get all mavericky on us?

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GQ for greatest tags ever.“Cindys vagina”

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I fear it will. But right now I can’t think of anything.

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I’m just hoping John McCain’s upper plate comes loose and flies out of his mouth landing in Bob Schieffer’s lap.

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I so hope not. The race is still very close. I am still very nervous.

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I can’t wait to find out!

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@Marina: Historically, it’s not very close! I’m still very nervous as well, but I think we can feel much more comfortable than we’ve been able to in a long time. There has only been one time in US history that a presidential candidate has overcome a discrepancy in the polls as large as it currently is.

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It’s not as close as they want you to think. And Obama has even more of a lead if you just look at the delegate count.

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What’s tomorrow?

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@simone54: You’re kidding, right?

If not:

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Okay. Why is something absurd going to happen?

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I wonder if what happened when Bush stole the election has everyone a little skittish.

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Here’s what I expect to happen when McCain tries to get Mavericky.


1) Even the right wing pundits (Bill Kristol, anyone) agree that what McCain needs to do is disavow all the negativity and try to recapture the magic he had when people thought he had integrity.

2) We’re seeing for once that negative ads and attacks aren’t working…the more McCain has attacked, the more his numbers slid; here in Minnesota Norm “finger to the wind” Coleman…about the slimiest politician you’d ever want to see…was ahead in the polls until he started to attack his opponent (Al Franken) vigorously over things he said as a comedian and radio personality, and when he saw himself behind, he vowed no more negative ads; and during the last debate, if you watched the opinion tracker…EVERY TIME EITHER CANDIDATE WENT ON THE ATTACK, the opinion meter went negative.

3) John McCain has said he will bring Bill Ayers up to Obama’s face at the debate. He may also pull out ACORN.

4) Barack Obama did nothing wrong and is articulate enough to show that the Ayers and ACORN issues are 100% unadulterated bullshit and nothing more than another slimy Republican tactic in a series of slimy Republican tactics.


5) From Nate Silver at

“McCain now has to go on a run of his own, a large enough run to wipe at least 8 points off of Obama’s lead, and perhaps more like 9 or 10 to cover his inferior position in the Electoral College and the votes that Obama is banking in early and absentee balloting. It is imperative that McCain does not just draw tomorrow night’s debate, does not just win a victory on points, but emerges with a resounding victory, the sort that leaves the spin room gasping for air. Failing that, we are getting into dead girl, live boy territory.”

So he’d better get a whole lotta mavericky and maybe pull some dinosaur eggs out of Cindy’s vagina while she puts a condom on a homosexual, cannibal jellyfish. Otherwise, it’s OVAH!

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EVERY day seems absurd lately.

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I did notice that about the opinion polls.
I also noticed that the flowery language always brought the opinion poll higher than the honest policy talk, but at least dropping on the negative is a good start.

what exactly is “dead girl/live boy territory”?

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@fireside: It’s based on an expression that means a candidate has such a clear lead, he would have to do something really crazy to lose. The only way a he can lose is if he is caught with a dead girl or a live boy.

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It’s all getting so damn old. I just want to vote and get it over.

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Around here, WI, you can. I can go vote right now. In fact they are encouraging it so you wont change your mind.

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Oh, I won’t change my mind. That’s for sure!

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Too late! I already voted!

(Also, I hope Obama kicks butt like he has at all the other debates.)

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