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Do you ever just want to "go postal?"?

Asked by deaddolly (3431points) October 15th, 2008

I do. People are so frustrating, so stupid, so ignorant—I wonder how they find their way home at night. I’m not condoning it, but do you understand how ppl can snap at any given time? I do, am I alone in this?

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I find that the more angry I am, the lower my tolerance for bullshit. While I don’t get physical, I do tend to snap at people. When it gets really bad, I can be set off by the littlest things and end friendships. When this happens, I say Stella is taking over (Stella is my inner bitch. Really she just has zero tolerance for bullshit). When she comes out, I say the kinds of things that I would never ever say to one of my friends. So, yes, in a sense, I do go postal.

point of interest: often, good things will come from these outbursts, such as certain undesirable activities or habits being halted, or shitty people who i don’t actually want to be friends with leaving me alone.

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Ok, maybe sometimes, a little bit, then I think of Woody Allen and it passes

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It depends a lot on what you do for a living, I’m sure. The type of ppl you interact with on a daily basis.

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The only time I have ever felt like that was when I felt an injustice was being done to my children. At those times I’m a mama bear and you better watch out fot those claws, and those pretty white veneers hide razor sharp teeth!

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Actually, 35% of postal workers say they are “very happy” with their jobs.

According to this study, maybe we should change the term to “going Deli Clerk”

But, yes, I have at times felt like the people who mattered at work were crazy. Lots of times it passes, but I find that when it no longer passes, it may be time to look for a new job. Obviously, that is not something that everyone can do, so I would try the old public speaking technique and imagine them in their underwear.

Lots of times, if I can see the child in someone coming out, then I can’t really be offended at what they say or do.

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Lately, rude drivers have been really getting on my nerves. People who never use their turn signals, cut me off, tailgate, and the idiots who honk their horn behind me as soon as the light turns green.
I totally understand the reasons for road rage.

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lol…only 35%????

I know the reson i get fustrated. Too much to do; too many interruptions; dealing with people employees who have little to no work ethic and having to talk down to them so they understand;
working in a neighborhood filled with trash and having our office window broken twice in 2 months; shall I go on?

I can see how people are pushed to their limits tho. Most of us can calm down. I screamed out loud yesterday (the ppl in the office next door came rushing over to see if I was ok)...and it helped. But, those ppl that juist SNAP, whether it’s work realted or becasue of bullying or whatever: I can relate.

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@Knotmyday I totally agree! There should be a class offered on the wonders of the little stick next to your steering wheel!

Working in a pharmacy for the last 7 years, there’s been plenty of times I wanted to go postal (not in the shooting, killing people sense…more like telling people how stupid they are). Why do people expect me to know what their copay is going to be the instant I’m handed a prescription? How exactly is it my fault your crappy insurance raised your copay? You’re out of refills and you need your birth control now? If you had read your paperwork, then you would have known this a month ago!

Personal Responsibility people. Learn it. Love it.

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@ thetmle -good point. I stopped working with the general public years ago. That was pretty infuriating.

@deaddolly – only 67.2 percent of clergy say they are “very happy” and they are at the top of the list. Who’s the second highest? Butlers and Housekeepers!

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Ohhh ya, I get it. What was that movie that Michael Douglas was in where he was driven to that point? I think it should be “going DMV” though.
By the way who thinks Judy seems like an exceptionally nice person? I do!

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@themle Exactly….ppl take NO RESPONSIBILTY FOR THEMSELVES OR THEIR ACTIONS!!!!!! was i screaming just then? sorry

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@SoapChef – Falling Down
Warning: there is a little bit of swearing in this clip, so check for your boss before playing.

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I better give lurve to soap for that! ;-)

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@fireside That right, thanks for that.
@ Judy I didn’t say it for the lurve but “party/bonus”, thanks. I am sincere, you just seem so centered and genuinely nice. It just really struck me amidst all this talk about “going DMV” that your children are the one thing that makes you feel that way. I could take a lesson here. I spend far too much time worked up, most of it over stuff that in the end doesn’t matter.

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everyday sweetie, everyday…

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Oh, yes. Stupid people make me grind my teeth. Mean people really anger me.

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I have a problem with that actually. I am really working on it. I do it when ever I perceive someone is being ganged up on or picked on. People on Fluther have been helpful in getting me to ease off of that I used to stand up for kids who were bullied in grade and high school. I guess I never stopped. Now people say “But out let the grown adult speak for them self.” I guess I get it but that does not excuse being an ass. There was one instance where the “adult” was actually a 13 year old being bullied on line buy two adults and the kid was totally polite and grateful. OOOoooOOO. Anyway I am working on it.

Or when someone is abusing their power. Like bosses, coaches etc.

Or, above all else, my kids. There is no stopping me.

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I work in the world of government funding. Currently, with the screwed up budget, going postal is looking more inviting everyday.

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yeah i get anger from people being strait up stupid but i am not quite sure what “go postal,” means.

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@fire ‘go postal’ was a term used when postal workers would go into their workplace and blow a few ppl away due to the high stress levels. It happened a few times and the name stuck.

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grab the video game gta4 and start destressing. Repeat as needed.

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Poor AstroChuck…probably doesn’t like the term “go postal” much.

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Where is AstroChuck?

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Did you check the pinata, in the frizzer?

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Good call on the piƱata. You’re like my mom on Fluther!
Hey, ma! Have you seen my favourite sweater with the hole in the elbow?

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It’s under the pool!

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I completely understand the feeling and it is perfectly acceptable and healthy just so long as you don’t act on it in a socially unacceptable way! Beating the hell out of a punching bag is one of many socially acceptable ways to take care of this feeling. Beating the hell out of a stupid person is less so. :) I get in my car and scream at the top of my lungs and say lots and lots of dirty words. :D

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I can understand completely why some people just “snap”. I’ve left work before because I was so stressed out that I felt at any minute I was going to rip somebody’s head off. Usually, I can “get over it” and it doesn’t affect my day, but other times I find myself swearing out loud and snapping at people, so I’ll go outside and breathe for awhile and talk myself down.

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@fireside – thanks for the link. What I find funny is the fact that “therapists” are among the unhappiest, yet they’re the ones who are supposed to help others find their sense of worth.

I think “going postal” is an appropriate term, though. My father was a postal worker and I’ve seen him snap more times than I care to remember.

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I think given the right, (or the wrong) combination of circumstances just about anyone could crack. That is one good reason why people shouldn’t be allowed to carry guns.

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“People are so frustrating, so stupid, so ignorant”
Does that include you, or exclude you? The answer makes a big difference.

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