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What happens if the Dow Jones hits zero?

Asked by AstroChuck (37660points) October 16th, 2008 from iPhone

Could this happen? Are there measures in place that would stop this from happening?

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You can come and live with us in our yurt. We will eat my sister’s canned produce from the garden cold w. spoons, burn our woods, drink from our stream. By then it will be winter, and we can die on the nearest ice floe.

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Well, I think if it did hit zero, money will not be an issue. There will be chaos everywhere

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I don’t really see how the Dow could hit zero.
Even with mass chaos, the guns and ammo companies will be good places to invest.

This is just a major readjustment period.

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The Apocalypse

Why else would you spend $700,000,000,000 to save it?

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I really hope I never have to find out.

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Every taxpayer in the United States gets a gold medal for winning “The race to the bottom.”

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Even I buy!

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Well the latest number I heard was that $ directed toward the bail out (which is more than the Paulson chunk of change) is heading close to $1,000,000,000,000.

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That number hurts my brain.

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We all go in our hibernation-capsule and wait for it to rise again. ^.^

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monarchies form and all that jazz the crazy dude who smells like urine has been spitting all the sudden comes true. The buses stop running and middle America falls to it’s knees faster than Jenna Jameson on prom night. The airlines will halt all flights and the general upheavel of jobs would topple the 500,000 mark in the first week. Canada and Mexico invade and take over leaving us a Spanish speaking country that says eh alot eats tons of awesome burritos and finally has paper money that is different sizes for the blind.

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@johnpowell “Every taxpayer in the United States gets a gold medal for winning “The race to the bottom.”

I think the medals should go to our wise elected officials. Afterall, we just get to go along for the ride.

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The only way is up!

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Since the Dow is made up of 30 companies that all have intrinsic value, it would not reach zero unless all of those companies simultaneously hit zero. This would never happen because our current Fed would just continue to print more money to prop up the already incredibly leveraged system. Then eventually we would become Zimbabwe.

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