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What is the job outlook for lawyers for the next 20-30 years?

Asked by bkburbo (251points) October 20th, 2008

What about the outlook for job competition as an attorney? Is this a good time to go to law school (and become a lawyer)?

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i think we’ll always need lawyers…ppl will always need defending…I’d go for it!

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Bad, considering the world is ending in 2012.

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“They” say that for each practicing attorney, there are 3 more in law school. Can you say frivolous lawsuits? If you love the law, and are capable of the task, then go to law school. There is always a place for a good attorney. But remember, you can’t all be Johnny Cochran.

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I can see a bright future in 1. govt regulatory agencies, 2. corporate law depts making sure all the new regulations are being followed and 3, always tax attorneys.

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@Galileogirl – can you explain your visualization a bit more, and/or provide some reasoning? thanks!

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Why are you considering law? Is it something you have a strong desire to do or is it that you perceive it to be a reasonable way to make a living, or that you like the word?

If you are burning with desire to be a lawyer and you believe you have a strong affinity for the activities involved, go for it. You’ll be fine. There will always be competition in any field. Those who have the desire and ability will succeed.

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We are going into an era of change in our govt. Change in law=employment for lawyers in the bureaucracy. Businesses will require legal guidance in both carrying out and avoiding the effects of those changes, And any tax cuts that come about will not be simple reductions across the board, they will be very specific changes in the tax codes to encourage certain behavior-again legal guidance to take advantage of those changes.

The more complicated life becomes the more wurk there is for lawyers and accountantants

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that would be the job to go for because people are more money hungry than ever before and always think sue first.

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lawyersdoctor engineer scientist

4 jobs that makes a world

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@bkburbo, In some ways a law degree is the ultimate MBA. Business, and the world, runs according to laws and rules. Law school, like other professions, is about learning to think in a different way. The skills you pick up translate to any number of pursuits besides traditional legal practice.

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Where would all those professionals be without teachers?

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You know that quote by Benjamin Franklin ”.... in this world nothing is certain, but death and taxes.”

CPA’s will always be in need

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