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Should I Jailbreak\Pwn?

Asked by jtvoar16 (2171points) October 22nd, 2008

So, I Pwned my Phone once, just to try and see if I liked it, and yes, I loved it, until I downloaded a thyme, that as it was installing, it was adding components to my Contacts App, which scared the hell out of me (I have a very sensitive contacts list) and one other thing tried to install stuff to my Mail app, and again, I have a sensitive email.
However, I know jailbreaking the iPhone actually makes it run better, it remains a lot stabler and you can do whatever you want to the thing.
My friend who has pwned it, swears by it, most people, (oddly enough very young people) on the net swear by it.
I just want to know if anyone can reassure me that my stuff will be safe, or at least “safeish.”
I mainly want to jailbreak the phone so I can turn it into an aircard for my MacBook Air.

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No harm done if you change your mind. That’s the great thing about software.

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As spargett said, software cab always be repaired if there is ever a problem.

Typed from a jailbroken device.

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Two very knowledgeable people have said Yes to you, and I would like to add my name to the list of people who think you should absolutely do it.

What theme are you referring to that added stuff to your contacts app, same question for the Mail App?

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with all the pwned phones out there someone would have noticed if an app was stealing info. I’ve jailbroken my iPod touch, two 1st gen iPhones and now my 3g. Never had any troubles

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I jailbroke my iPod touch before 2.0, and when I tried after, it got really slow and crashy. So now I’m rocking it jailed. The only apps I really miss are TuneWiki, and the NES emulator.

If security is an issue, make sure that you’re not one of those people who enables ssh and doesn’t change their root password! That’s the easiest way to compromise everything on your phone.

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@tonedef 2.0 was buggy pwnd or not. It’s muchbetter now. My touch is faster than my 3g now. I had same problem as you at that time

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FANTASTIC! I just needed some reassurance, or “Scape-Goats” if you will. to justify doing it.
I thank you all for jumping off the bridge before me!

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