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Where can I buy a helmet for autocross?

Asked by mjoyce (503points) October 24th, 2008

So I am new to town, and found out that I am doing an autocross event on Sunday. I need a helmet (I have had a wagon for the past 3 years and got rid of my old helmet long ago).

What type of store should I look at in getting a DOT approved helmet? I fear motorcycle shops are going to be stuffed full of $500 helmets. Wal Mart? Target? REI?

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Honestly unless you’re hitting up the harley shop or a ducati dealership you should be fine with a motorcycle place. Just think of the kind that sells ATVs, jetskis, dirt bikes and they should have a full supply of adequate but not the latest fashion (read $$$) type helmets. (I’m thinking under $200, but it’s been a while)

If you’re really in a pinch I’ve always been able to borrow one from someone at the race as well, since you’re not all driving at once. You just can’t be as picky on the fit so it’s not ideal.

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motorcycle dealer

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