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“Can identity become a filter for information overload?”*?

Asked by gailcalled (54647points) October 24th, 2008

Who can explain what that question means? (*besides
Ben.) If you can, would you?

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Is it kind of like how Fluther tries to tailor questions to us?

If it could be effectively done, maybe.
But since there are issues with how it is done
and the fact that identity is constantly changing, no.

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A little more context would help, but guessing that you’re talking about new media since you mentioned information overload;

Your identity is who you are, where you live and everything you consume be it video, articles, books, or food. Social media has put that data online for all to see and use, but so far it has only caused information overload, as every song that everyone you know creates another entry in your lifestream. The next wave of web-technology should take this data and analyze it to make reccomendations to you, and filter your lifestream. For example, if you bookmark an artist on Pandora, a site could tell you when an Eventful event is made for that artist. You bookmarked it on Pandora, but it was used to filter the Eventful feed.

Consequently I’m building an app that will do just this ;-) it’s a pre-alpha one-man-project so go kick the tires but don’t expect much at this stage;

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Anyone who knows me will also know that that isn’t a question I thought up. I found the language was interesting altho bewildering.

See fluther blog; Ben in Denver

And the conference is Defrag (whatever that means also) 2008.

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I also found it confusing. It was a string of words that looked familiar but didn’t make sense in the way they were arranged.

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Can a filter become overload information for identity?
Can information become identity overload for a filter?
I’m with JP. No arrangement of those words mean anything to me.
It’s all Greek…

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Maybe it’s time for Ben to weigh in and tell all.

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Or maybe tell just a little.

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