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Have you ever seen Fluther 1.0?

Asked by raum (13208points) April 4th, 2022 from iPhone
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How long have you been a jelly @raum? I was shocked how you managed to dig out some really old threads from that other thread and here.

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Gee, no Mr Whoopie!

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I’m on mobile. The link takes me to something called way back with links to what I guess are old questions. When I click them, I get nothing.

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Wow Fluther was different back then and not the great website we know today.

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@Hawaii_Jake Same. I don’t think they archived the URLs for the questions. But still kind of neat to see the questions they had before they launched the site.

@KRD This is actually from before they launched the actual site. Just kind of cool to peek behind the scenes before they launched.

@Mimishu1995 Waaaay too long—but not as far back as those old questions. You can go back to the first question (and progress forward) by tweaking the URL.

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@raum why are there questions there?

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Really fascinating! I don’t recognize many of the posters names.

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Another oddity: Click on the posters names, and you see their SCORE, not lurve!

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@KRD I think they were testing it out before launching.

@filmfann Good catch on score versus lurve! I definitely remember occ.

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I think that was just before I came on the site.

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@Mimishu1995, there are several ways to get at old stuff. One is the “Related” sidebar, which often has Qs that go way back.

Another is to use the number in the address bar and just change it to a much lower number. (Also delete the question title.) Changing 231287 to 200 took me back to a Q in November of 2006.

And you can skip way back in your own or another jelly’s history and pick out an early question.

@filmfann, I think the very early pages include pseudo accounts with made-up names for testing purposes.

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Yeah, I don’t recognize those names or that format at all and I was lurking from nearly the beginning of its launch. Many of the first Jellies post-launch were friends and relations of Ben and Andrew and thus very bright.

As has been mentioned, that must have been a Beta test site.

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Whoa…digging through stuff and an old article mentioned that Fluther had 1.3 million monthly visitors at one time. Did they mean 1.3 million visits a month? (Still impressive.)

Fluther needs the head-exploding emoji for moments like these.

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Pulled from a thread back in 2008:

“As far as users go, we’re nearing 8K, with about 500 very active users in a given week. We have over 15K discussions, over 125K responses, with around 1K responses per day now. We’ve seen over 200% growth in the last few months, and we serve up about a request per second.“

[head-exploding emoji]

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@raum I don’t think that is true. It was never that big and certainly not in 2008.

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@janbb That wouldn’t have been my guess. But I trust Andrew’s data from Quantcast. :)

No date on the 1.3 million monthly visitors.

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No, I hadn’t. Interesting to see.

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