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What causes migraines?

Asked by cdwccrn (3600points) October 27th, 2008 from iPhone

I get headaches alot. The only thing that helps is finally getting to sleep. I can’t tell if they are caffeine related or hormonal, or stress induced, sinus pressure, etc. I just know they hurt like…. Light and sound become so much more painful.

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I don’t honestly know, I seem to remember an article from a month or so ago that said that often migraines are a go-to symptom of many different things. Some as innocuous as being dehydrated, others more complex and detrimental it could be dozens of things. Some people like my mother get chronic migraines from being stressed. If you are getting chronic headaches you should talk with your doctor. If they are severe enough for you to be asking the collective you should be asking your doctor.

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A 2 year old boy….well, just having kids of any age will give you a migraine….

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The only way that anyone can ever equate a migraine with any other headache is if they’ve never had one.

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My mother had migraines every day for ten years. Caffeine helped her. She had seen lots of doctors over the years and they just threw pills at her.

About four months ago it got so bad she had to call 911. They found a lemon sized growth inside her brain. About a month ago they removed the growth and she is better now. She is 55 years old.

You might want to have your doctor take a closer look.

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@johnpowell: Good story to bring up, I read about that while browsing older posts, glad to know she’s still doing well. If a persistent migraine is your problem go to your doctor request that some imaging be done. 1–3 days is the norm for migraines, beyond 7+ is very serious.

@syz: I wish I couldn’t agree with that statement as much as I do. They are life-altering painful, tortures inflicted on us by our own bodies. Not to mention the retching. Ugh.

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I used to vomit until I was throwing up blood and then go to the emergency room (there weren’t really any options for medications way back then, in the stone age). Now I’m much better at managing them.

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@Syz: I’ve only had a few in my life, and they were enough. Usually brought on by anemia. I’m fixed now for the most part. I’m sorry they were that bad for you but yay for getting more manageable. :)

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My story is contrary to johnpowell’s. I had horrible migraines every day for months, and doctors threw pills at me until one decided to give me a CT scan because he thought the only plausible reason would be a tumor. I had no signs of any kind of tumor or anything, and the doctors were completely baffled as to what could have been causing them. Eventually they became less frequent, and now I only get one every few days.

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thanks for all your help. Seems like migraines are pretty common.

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