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Why is the essential oil of freesias not available?

Asked by Bioplasmic (123points) October 29th, 2008

Details are superfluous.

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^ that’s a perfume oil, I assume different from essential.

I Googled “freesia essential oil” and clicked on shopping links – found pages on pages.

So I guess the question suffers from an invalid premise as stated.

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Yes, good point. Essential oils are obtained by steam distillation, whereas perfume oils are obtained by extraction using a solvent, then eliminating the solvent. Certain aromas are diminished or altered by the heat of steam distillation, and yield a stronger, more natural fragrance by extraction, but there’s a chance that some solvents may remain. Leftover solvents may pose a problem for sensitive skin (though this one says it’s safe for direct skin application).

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They are all fragrance oils, not ’‘essential oils’’ , none of the big Essential oil suppliers stock ’‘Freesia essential oil’’.
Some sites get round the law by saying ’’ essential fragrance oil’’

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It may be then that Freesia doesn’t handle the heat well.

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This is a cold method I just found called Enfleurage

Enfleurage involves using a fixed oil, usually a vegetable oil, animal fat, or lard. A sheet of glass mounted on a wooden frame, is spread with the fixed oil. The raw materials, flower petals, are then placed on this. A number of these can be stacked on top of each other. These are then placed in the sun until the fixed oil is saturated with the essential oil.

This is then dissolved in alcohol then the alcohol is evaporated from the essential oil. This method is mainly used for delicate flowers such as Rose, Jasmine, Neroli, and Violet. These will be labeled ‘absolute’ rather than ‘essential oil’. Enfleurage is quite rare as it is very expensive.

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These guys seem legit, they say it’s wild harvested and distilled too. PupnTaco gets credit, i found it in Google’s top 3 shopping links.

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In the trade, perfume oils are synthetic compounds.
Essential oils can be either steam distillates or extractions.
I have seen fressia essential oil available (can’t recall the company but I think it was in Portland Oregon)
The findability of an essential oil is related to it’s price.

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Thanks all of you.
hoosier I followed your elink and it’s on order.
They do seem legit.
So It is available.

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Sorry if this may seem to rain on your parade, but I doubt that the link is to a reputable firm. Judging by their use of the words “essential oil” to describe their rose and jasmine products is incorrect, as both of those florals are obtained as “absolutes”. The price of $6/$8 per dram of either is incredibly low. Jasmine absolutes range from 9.50 – 25.00/dram depending upon the specific variety.
Rose absolutes range from 9.00 – 15.00/dram.
A reputable company will include a certificate of analysis to verify the legitimacy of a product.
I’m guessing here, but, if their rose/jasmine products contain any natural ingredients, it is likely a dilution of 10% of absolute in a fixed oil. Freesia seems to be difficult to find as a natural product, though synthetic products abound.

Liberty Natural Products doesn’t carry fressia, but if interested, they do carry a huge variety of other essential oils, absolutes and concretes.

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