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Is it normal to be scared Sh*tless when you are moving out?

Asked by windex (2932points) November 4th, 2008

27 (almost 28) lived w/family all my life, support them a bit, Finally moving out.
Please don’t laf at me, it’s KINDA a cultural thing.
In some cultures the kids move out when they get married.
Anyways, I have issues just like everyone else, don’t wanna get into it and make you think that I want you to feel sorry for me.
But I’m finally doing it. 3 more day!!!

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Yes, it is a little scary, and it’s really normal. It takes some getting used to, because you’ve never really been alone. I went from at home to married. Then my husband got a job where he travelled all the time, and all of a sudden I was alone all the time. Small kids, but alone. Now the kids are gone, husband still travels. It’s still weird to be alone.

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ya it is normal. i was kinda scared when i moved out. your all alone and its all new and it just like ahhh.

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someone hold me

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<hugs windex>

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One hundred percent yes. Absolutely. But you know what?

Your parents are still there.

Your friends are still there.

We, the fluther community, are still here (I didn’t even have that).

And never ever underestimate just plane old asking questions. Phone questions. Call. Heating bill? Call. Rent? Call. First thing, note the date, time and name of the person on the call. Use the persons name. Be as polite as you can be, please, thank you, excuse me and I promise everyone you deal with will want to work with you.

I completely understand. I am a twin so I not only lived with my parents I had my brother with me when I moved out. I was VERY dependent.

You will be fine.

BIG ole hug!

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It’s ABSOLUTELY normal. You can do it! :D How far away are you moving?

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I work with young people who your age who call home several times a day, just to ask a question. Heck, my daughter calls me from the grocery to ask if she can freeze cheese, and she’s in another state.

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Thank you so much everyone *tear

thanks for your support!

I’m gonna make one trip with my Scion XB (original body) :D right now

then another one tomorrow, depending on what’s left, Thursday and Friday also.

But I think I can pretty much take everything with 3 trips max.

UHauls are too expensive for me (yea $39 is OK, plus $14 insurance..OK, but then 99 Cents per MILE? that’ll add up to over $200)

I should be Done Saturday, I also bought a Chillsac :P and a Rutbo

I will let you guys know if I become homeless or hide and runaway to Africa

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Congratulations, windex, on your declaration of independence. CHange is always scary. Scary and thrilling at the same time.

Good luck.

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Thanks again!


…another box taped!

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Yes, it is scary and wonderful and very freeing! You’ll find the wonderful and freeing part soon enough, I promise! Congratulations to you and how wonderful are you for staying to help the family out.

No reason to laugh at you, we all start somewhere, don’t we? Now…go tape up another box!

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Totally normal.

I’ve moved a lot. I’m your age (28), and I’ve moved every year for the last four years. Today actually marks exactly a year I’ve been in the bay area! EVERY SINGLE TIME I’ve moved, it scares the shit out of me. Change can be scary. The unknown is… not known. Scary.

You’ve got lots of support. You can’t get it wrong. Keep breathing. Oh, and it helped me to have deadlines – days and times when I knew I had to be out of the house.

Good luck!

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To me, every move is scary, even if you’re just moving to another place down the road…

You’ll be fine, it’s all part of the whole “growing up” thing. (which I think is overrated…)

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It is always scary to start out on your own, and can feel lonely for a while. But I am betting that once you become accustomed to it, you won’t have it any other way!

Something that always helps me when I feel lonely, sad or miss my family is to go pop in and have dinner with them, or a group of friends if my family is away.

By building a strong network of friends as your support group, you can get used to living alone much faster.

Good luck!

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It is a scary thing to move out for the first time…........but its time for your old ass to grow up. you shouldnt be scared. you should be excited to finally be a damn adult. Get outta there. stock up on cup’o’noodles and condoms. knock yourself out my friend.

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*update: It is DONE!


I will post pics if anyone is interested :D

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HECK YEAH! Lemme know if you post those pics!

Congratulations windex!! Way to go my flutha !!!

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I am going through the same thing and am scared as well. But I definetely agree with Trustinglife—set deadlines! Thats what I did.

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No, it is not normal to be scared shitless over a normal life event. Apprehensive, maybe. You should only be scared shitless when your life is in immenent danger, like when your car just broke through the guard rail and is now half way down a 500 ft cliff.

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@PerryDolia – Welcome the Fluther!

“scared shitless” is a relative term.

I would consider moving out of your home for the first time a mojor life event to which reacting by being “scared shitless” or “very very nervous” or “extremely apprehensive” or “im shitt’n brick nuts” is just fine and normal.

Even then, if it isn’t for you, it certainly is for many many others.

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