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When you pass a speed trap (officer parked by side of road to catch speeders) do you flash your lights to oncoming motorists?

Asked by jca (36043points) November 6th, 2008

just curious – i do and i appreciate people warning me when one is up ahead. wondering is most people do or don’t.

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I do, even if the cop can still see me. I always try my best to let folks know there is a traffic cop around.

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i always forget to :( but i REALLY appreciate when others do it for me.

i’lll try to remember next time!!!

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I do it when i remember and if im out of range of the cop (im pretty sure you can get pulled over if he sees you doing that judochop)

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I am sure the cop could find a reason to pull me over but it’s not against the law to flash your headlights.

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hmm it may go depending on state but im almost certain it is here in NJ

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I do….and out of range of Johnny Law, too.

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I have, in the past, and always appreciated it when it was done for me. These days, though, I never pass a speed trap unless I’m on the highway. Flashing my lights is not so effective over a huge median and 6 lanes of traffic!

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always, its like a remote good Sumeritan (sp?) for your fellow road warriors. sometimes, you get an acknowledge flash or thumbs up, especially from truckers.

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I don’t think people get it in the city,but away from metropolitan areas and on the road it is more understood so my answer would be:In city NO/On the road YES.

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