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What kind of website could I build to make a million dollars?

Asked by jessehattabaugh (492points) November 11th, 2008

Have programming skills, but no inspiration.

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email me in private messaging. I’ve got an idea or two.

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@skabeep I should rephrase that; what kind of website that hasn’t already been built

@judochop are there private messages here?

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One that tells people how to make a million dollars.

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I want a website that allows you to make a list of what you have in your pantry and fridge and compile recipes. You would also have the option of different recipes and when you choose them you can print coupons for the ingredients.You could also have grocery list. If this already exist please let me know because I want to go to it.

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@jess also an iphone app

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@Jess: there are a few, I will hopefully remember to send you some links when I go back to my computer. I think snacksby was one. If I recall correctly.

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It might not make a million dollars but it could be helpful: A Craigslist type site for schools and districts would be great. So much of our “junk” in some schools could be a resource for other places. I have worked in various types of districts and it just seems that some resources should not be just junked when they wear out their welcome in one district. Another district could continue using it.

Just one idea. I have others.

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I have no idea, but call me when you find out.
also, check this out

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You asked for one that hasn’t been made. Don’t have a suggestion for one.

Some that have been made that make millions and could easily be recreated.

There is a local guy who owns 7 planes and only flies one regularly. He makes his money from this area. The non-profit side gets a huge percentage of the donations for service fees, i.e. the cost of making your money do good for other people. His fundraiser side gets a percentage from the products he sells people who need to then resell for fund raising. All together it works.

Obviously makes money. But in order to get a foot in an already huge market, you’d have to supply content. Or alternately you could set up an elaborate network of referral sites (pay-per-click-through or similar) where your content is just purchased stock photos. There are several groups out there that do just this and do well. It seems like they are limited to the size their network however.

Combined, the two make plenty of people rich. It’s one of the largest pseudo-religious markets. And you can bet on people feeling bad about themselves so as long as you offer “help” you’ll have customers. Think Anthony Robbins, Joyce Meyer, Joel Osteen and the like. This could fit into a category that doesn’t exist, sort of… Most people currently go on tour as opposed to just having a website.

The only one out of the three that seems to be self-sustaining is the Porn referral thing or something similar such as ringtones or any other viral/compulsion market. Where the existence of the site is what you are making money on, not necessarily the content. Everything else requires constant research and addition to content.

You could mix television and the internet and make money. Find a good referral program, set up a site for it and advertise the site on television. You’ll annoy the majority of your country by creating the ad spots (think CrazyFox). The percentage of people that fall for that type of advertising is low but it doesn’t matter. Even with a low percentage you are still looking at millions of people hitting your site which refers them to the original.

Of course these are only ideas. I’m not for or against any of them necessarily.

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Porn is completely saturated. Unless you find a niche that nobody else serves, you’re going to have to spend so much in advertising and referral bonuses that you won’t make much money.

There’s also the issue that the major credit card companies are starting to look really carefully at their merchant accounts—so if you’re trying to do something the least bit out of the mainstream (such as kink porn—the easiest way to find a niche) you’re likely to have a really hard time getting a merchant account, which makes it hard to accept money.

(I was approached to be one of the founding partners and tech guy for a porn studio cooperative. It had a really innovative payment model for the talent, but I did some research and talked to actual real life porn stars and porn producers and found out just how difficult it is to actually make serious money in porn.)

Your best bet, seriously, is to find a conventional way of making money that is made more efficient by being on the web. It’s likely to take hard work no matter what.

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