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What will Ron Paul do in 2009?

Asked by seVen (3472points) November 13th, 2008

Since Ron Paul decided to stay in Congress, rather than run for President, can we still expect him to continue his message(s) [as outlined in his book Revolution: Manifesto]?

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I’m sure he’ll advance his montra.

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He’ll keep banging the drum as long as he can find people to pay attention to him.

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Did he really write that book, or was it written by someone else (like his newsletter)?

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Ron who??

Who’s that guy?

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Honestly, I don’t give a hoot what he does!

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I love the guy! I wish he was the GOP nominee instead of McCain. Oh well, the election is over now…

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Go back to yanking those babies out I suppose.

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Self-destruct, I hope.

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He’s been in politics for a while, guys. He’ll keep doing what he’s been doing. He’s still in Congress. Also, his leftover campaign money went to starting the Campaign for Liberty.

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I heard he was planning to send all those Down Syndrome babies to Mongolia. Now that’s where I draw the line!

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I heard a rumor that he and a few friends were gonna tour small clubs as a Beatles cover band.

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@rawpixels Well what do you know? :) Hopefully he CAN pull the GOP nominee for 2012. People are waking up to the revolution.

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