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Does diet soft drink effect your sugar levels?

Asked by ctimm15 (371points) November 15th, 2008
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You might want to read this Depending on the sweetener in whatever brand you’re drinking, I think it might.

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im talking about diet coke how bad is that ‘cause my grandfathers a diabetic

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You might want to read this

Apparently it’s sweetened with the controversial aspartame, which has been shown in some cases to be associated with weight gain and cravings for sweet foods, it’s not going to elevate his sugar levels but it will make it harder for him to turn down the Snickers bar. Or at least that’s what my quick googling turned up.

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so its realy bad for diabetics

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Read the links. :)

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i have there interesting

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Maybe shilolo can give you some more insight, he might pop on here eventually.

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no but will affect the fake-crap-your-body-doesn’t-need levels

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it has been prove that high amounts of aspertame ingested could cause cancer…it may have a very small effect on his blood sugar, (caffeine)

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