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So - any advice for a grandmother to be?

Asked by janbb (58348points) November 18th, 2008

Just found out that my son’s wife is pregnant! The baby will be born in Paris; I hope to be able to be there. Any thoughts, reactions or words of wisdom?

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First congradulations! That is great new.And for advice from what I know my Grandparents did was spoil them rotten, and load them up with sugar before they go back to their parents if you babysit for them.LOL!! :)

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Be prepared to have your breath and your heart swept away. There’s nothing better than a grandchild’s obvious glee at seeing you. Oh, the joy when they come running into your arms. It makes you feel like the most important person in the world. Pure heaven. Congratulations. It’s the best gig I ever had!!

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(still a mom…not there yet…a long way to go!)

Congratulations!! I gotta say, seeing my parents as grandparents has been such a wonderful thing! I love seeing their faces when they are around my children!

Enjoy! :)

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Enjoy! Enjoy! Enjoy!!

(I am so jealous!)

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Congratulations! =D
Oooooh Paris… how lovely? Are the parents living there?
Buy him/her a baby beret!

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Words of advice? Don’t give advice if it is unsolicited :)

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When you go to visit them after the birth—don’t bring a yappy poodle. One baby in the house is enough for new parents.

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enjoy your grandchildren. They are your reward for surviving parenting:)

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Have fun. And congratulations. Grannies are always so much fun to be. I can remember looking upto my granny as a store house of worldly wisdom and of course -Stories.

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