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What insurance should I get for equipment?

Asked by tigran (700points) November 18th, 2008

I have a quote from an insrance company that covers all my equipment but the deductible is 1k. Are there any plans that have comparably low dedutible, for photo equipment and computers.

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Is this for your business or personal equipment? If you have home or renter’s insurance, your possessions may already have some coverage on it, even if they are not inside the home when damaged.

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Also, you can adjust the policy to reflect whatever deductible you would like, of course the costs would most likely be more for a lower deductible. It works the same for other options, you may just want to sit down with an agent and they can lead you through all your choices and what they mean.

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thanks, its for a business.

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You also need to consider if it’s replacement cost, or book value. You will pay more for replacement cost coverage, and for a lower deductible. However, the more types of coverage you have through a carrier, the lower your premiums will be overall. And it would be a business expense.

Photocritic has good advice, which is to visit some of the larger forums and look at what photographers have to say about different plans.

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