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One mistake and 10 achievements?

Asked by mea05key (1812points) November 19th, 2008

People seem to remember a person mistake instead of his 10 achievements. Assuming each mistake and achievement carrying the same weight. Agree or disagree?

What will you do when u make a mistake? Do you go try to cover your mistakes, do you admit it and try to learn from there, do you rebel and push mistakes to others? What will you do? Will other’s laughter and name calling affect you when you make a mistake?Open disucssion.

I have always made mistakes in my life and I try not to be shy when i make one because i always tell myself to learn from mistakes. Sometimes I DO make mistakes twice. It happens. And seriously it make me look like an idiot. Should i learn how to cover my mistakes, try to talk away things, push mistake to others, or is it appropriate to admit it? If i am to admit it what is a wise way to do it without looking like an idiot?

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well one big mistake i did was leave home to soon at the age of 17. i fessed up to it and told everyone that i was sorry. honesty is the best way. acheivements… had a great kid, got rid of a few bad relationships, married a great guy,bought a new car,found really great friends,got a bought new computer, found this site. that is all that i can really think of right now.

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I’ve only recently noticed that my gut instinct when I make a mistake is to cover it up any way I can. I do it almost before I think about what I’m doing. So I’ve been trying to get away from that knee-jerk reaction and admit my mistakes more frequently. I’m a bit of a perfectionist, so I figure this can only be good for me. Plus, everyone makes mistakes, I shouldn’t have to feel guilty for mine!

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It is probably human nature to want to cover up a mistake, but it’s usually not in your best interests. Fess up, make it right if you can, and learn from it. That’s what I try to do.

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