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What is the real meaning and purpose of Christmas?

Asked by cdwccrn (3605points) November 23rd, 2008 from iPhone

I know, as a Christian, what Christmas means to me. What is its meaning and purpose for you? Does it have religious significance? What purpose does the holiday fill in your life?

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to me it symbolizes the birth of my savior. Yes I know it wasn’t really his birthday but some day had to do

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It holds no religious significance for me, but it is one of the only times during the year when the entire family is together. So the purpose it has in my life is being with friends and family.

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A bright spot in the middle of a very dark time of year – not unlike the purpose it had for my ancestors

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Lurve to ya, Wildflower! I think we’re related. :)

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To me Christmas means Hope. It is the day my Savior became flesh to ultimately sacrifice His life for mine—and yours too if you choose to believe. It is nice to be able to spend that day with family. I love reading the Christmas story and remembering it is not about the gifts, but Christ’s ultimate gift.

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I like the music, and I like the part about a very vulnerable little kid being sent to save us all. What a message that is!
I don’t like the family part, but I’m working on that. I opted out of Thanksgiving this year, and I think that will shift me out of the Matriarch role I’ve hated since I married into it 29 years ago.
I want to be a team member, not a general. Nobody likes the general.

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Christmas gifts.
I have been thinking that way since I was born.

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Love and warmth, joy and hope.

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Presents, and the obligation of seeing my family. Oh, and lots of food.

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Good food, (mostly) good times with family, but also, a lot of stress.

I try very hard to stay in good spirits. It also has no religious significance to me, but I enjoy some of the Christian conceipts.

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Watch the original Charlie Brown’s Christmas TV show and you will know.

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@steelmarket, I love that cute show. Actually, any of the Charlie Brown shows are sweet.
Remember the “great pumpkin?”

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xmas is intended to make people feel miserable (either because you have some and you’d like to have more, or because you cannot stand that life is not equal at all)

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Wow. Comparatively, I feel like an optimist now.

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Mithras birthday as all us pagans know.

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