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What does this story mean?

Asked by sillymichelleyoung (217points) November 24th, 2008

Alright, so my friend told me a story last week and I do not understand the meaning to it. Here it goes:

There is a lion and a kitty. The kitty is big fierce and strong while the lion is not. One day the lion asked the kitty to train him, so he did. The lion finally became this buff cat and said to the kitty, “Now I can destroy you!” Then the kitty responded, “No you can not, I did not teach you everything.” And he runs away.

Why is it a lion and a kitty? I have no idea, but my friend told me that the meaning of this story may help me in the future, but I really do not understand this.

Any ideas?

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I think you are supposed to spend the rest of your life finding the answer to your own question.

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@ Megan, I probably should shouldn’t I?

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It’ll come eventually…

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@ Megan, lollll thanks.

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Well the point is the same as any such story.. There is always something new to learn.

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No one has it over on the Kitty. He does’nt miss
anything. The Kitty has it going on upstairs
as well. Mind over Matter.

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Megan is the kitty. Michelle will be a kitty any minute now.

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Never underestimate the power of pussy!!

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i think i get it now xP

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@scamp- that’s funny! LOL!

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:P thanks!

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