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In WWIII who would win? US vs Russia vs China?

Asked by seVen (3486points) November 24th, 2008 from iPhone
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Everyone will lose.

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China would have the population advantage.

The U.S. would have the weapons advantage.

Russia would have the “fight in the freezing cold and never give up until your dead” fighting mentality advantage. (Seriously…Russians are pretty freaking tough in wars).

Realistically speaking, though, the war would most likely be primarily fought with nuclear weapons, right? If that were the case the U.S. would be my pick.

But, of course, as simone54 said, everyone would lose.

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I say that the US should try the Imperialism thing again, I mean it was working 100 years ago so why not now? Like seriously, we could take over just about every country just because of our sheer power and stockpiles of nuclear weapons. Just kidding that would be bad, Russia would be the biggest competitor cause China would just be powerless because I say so, and then Russia and the US would become allies and we’ll be the United Russian States, or URS for short. We’ll get a new leader and eventually we’ll take over everyone and it’ll be awesome.

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Fortunately, all humans would probably be killed.

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What? You’re making book on this already?

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@xxpork, umm the US has been engaged in imperialistic wars for the past 8 years. It isn’t working out so well, in case you don’t get the news in your area.

Anyway, I think Americans tend to way over-estimate their technical and strategic abilities (thanks to a plethora of propaganda war films turned out by the collaboration between Hollywood and the US military every year). The reality is that the US hasn’t won any significant armed conflict since WWII. But for some reason, facing facts is not high on the list of priorities when considering the next country to start bombing.

I think that any conflict between “the big 3” would certainly completely destroy any if the countries involved. I don’t really think any of them has a significant advantage over the others, thankfully, or it probably would have already happened.

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Come on guys, get your head right. China’s got the
population, and they are (right now!) turning out
submerines like sausages. Americans don’t get it:
Countries always break their agreements with us
on arms control. Listen carefully, we don’t
know what china and russia talk about behind closed
doors, and the democratic left-who think we create
the problems of the world, and who want MORE GOVERNMENT
and LESS FREEDOM, don’t care.

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New Zealand. According to Poul Anderson, anyway; it’s the only place that wouldn’t get a direct hit.

Don’t look for it, though. China’s economy is too intertwined with ours. They have trillions of dollars in U.S. obligations. If they nuke us, they won’t collect on the bonds when they come due.

Russia remains the threat, but this would start as a regional incident, first as a conflagration against their own former satellite states, then spreading to Europe or the Middle East. There is also the possibility of a renegage faction in control of nuclear missiles. I don’t believe you would see a “Dr. Strangelove” kind of war. A limited exchange with a lot of dead people, but life would go on.

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I’m predicting that there will never again be a prolonged full contact conflict like WWII again. Nobody has the stomach for it, and aside from a war of attrition with china, nobody on this planet could stand up to full scale warfare with the US. What you will see is what we are seeing in Iraq and afghanistan, guerrilla tactics and roadside bombs, because it works. I was amazed at all the technology it takes to combat someone who found a bomb and hooked a battery to a wire. War with China (thankfully) won’t happen fir economic reasons, Russia is tough, but they no longer have the might of the entire USSR to bring to bear. We won’t go nuclear because everyone loses. What you see in Iraq is the future of warfare, I believe.

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@Maverick, Not like in the time period I was referring to, then we were taking countries, controlling them and calling them ours. The middle east is nothing like that, we haven’t won anything from that, in fact we will and already have lose more than anything we could even hope to gain from that region.

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Thanks. Those of us who fight appreciate your support.

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“I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.”
Albert Einstein

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you got to think about this china has a big population but they have resources coming to them and if most countries stopped exporting then China is screwed. Russia has the strongness because they fought Germany in WWII and most courage because most of their plans are sucide. America has resources but they have took many countries that were weak in military except Japan in WWII. So my guess is America/USA will take China by nuclar weapons .Russia will take Europe and then go to America/USA and destroy each other.

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USA USA USA and then we would allie with russia and then we would take over the world, so EAT it china

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U.S.A. would win hands down. we have Al Gore and Mel Gibson. Gibson would take out the Chinese with a fiery claymore and blue warpaint. Gore would crush the Russians by commanding all the computers to attack russians via his control of the internet. If that doesn’t work we send in Chuck Norris and the Delta Force along with Chevy Chase and Michael J. Fox.

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If tensions were to finally break, i would say United States because Russia and China would fight on thier own land before we would intervene. Russia would get troops from thier western borders. China having no real allies would Only using their own soldiers. When we do intervene the soldier count would be smaller and we will have an easier time fighting russia and china. After the United States win we will have a depression from the lack of imports and exports to China.

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Although russia would have size and population advantage, the U.S. has a weapons advantage. Russia also try to invade Afghanistan and also failed, and every war they have been in, they had more deaths then kills. There for the chinese would be left, though they have size advantage, compared to the united states, they are ants. Big in numbers and easy to kill. If the Russians and Chinese sucessfully take out the U.S. They have one hell of a fight in front of them.

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Im just gonna say that most russians don’t know any proper english and they usually just hang around on russian websites, so they can’t tell you anything constructive about their countries, though its easy for you americans because english is your language and its the world language too.

So basically i would like to say that all of you americans still think of russia like it would be the soviet USSR times, and NATO and US hide alot of fact about russia.

You people don’t really understand how great russia’s army has grown in the past years when Russia abonded dictatorship.

None of you realise that america is the one in the financial mess it’s in a huge debt to china’s technolagy and they were the one who started the world crisis.

Russia is making alot of money overall in this world cause of their gas.
As cracker stated Russia supplies most gas in the world and what would you think would happen if they went to war with NATO and America?

Well they would stop supplying and your countries could go in serious financial problems.

In the cold war they were seriously disorganized cause of the communist president but things have changed and you people should stop thinking of the past.

Russia is like the parents of NATO but still they talk shit about Russia but if you people would read more about russia instead of american fantasy books you would know how much Russia has grown.
Also they have earned alot of respect recently from many countries and they work their way up everyday.

It’s not the greasy soviet anymore. Get real next time you would like to state anything about a war between USA and Russia you could atleast read about the Russia “today”.

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this post is directly for the person above me.

1. America has enough gas to supply for themselves for many years independently for years we just choose not to mine

2.china has its own financial problems and they wouldn’t dare cash in on our country and start a war because (not saying the US is better or anything) nuclear war is something no one needs

3. NATO was founded by Harry S. Truman. I will have you know he was an American president sure Russia was an original member but the US was the founder get your facts in line if you’re going to stick up for your country.

4. I respect Russia and so do MANY other Americans so don’t say all Americans think Russians are greasy bears riding unicycles.

5. Congrats on not being communist. I know your new to the whole freedom thing and all but do some research before you start posting on websites.

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