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No-lactose egg nog recipe? (soy milk, boiled, etc)

Asked by zina (1653points) November 25th, 2008

I want to make a killer egg nog (booze, eggs, spices, the whole nine yards) – for someone who’s lactose intolerant. Just want to know people’s experiences with vegan recipes, substituting a nut milk or lactaid milk, if boiling it for a long time is enough, etc etc.

Can you get it thick and creamy enough? What works best? What doesn’t work?

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Or should I just buy a non-dairy / lactose free store-bought one, and spice it up a bit?

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This site seems to have a useful bit to say about it.

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I have used the Lactaid brand egg-nog, spiced it up and added more “kick” to it – nobody complained!

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I’ve used soy milk and the cooking with eggs should thicken it up since it’s still a custard like mixture.

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just go buy Silk Nog – it is a seasonal treat and worth waiting for!

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Heehee I confess we’re on the second carton of silk nog right now.

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