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Need help finding drivers for my new laptop?

Asked by Trance24 (3311points) November 25th, 2008

Here is the laptop. I am looking for drivers so that I can take off Vista and put on XP. Can anyone help?

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Via Toshiba’s support site. Satellite L305-S5907 Drivers. Select your operating system as windows XP SP2.

On the second option box select “Driver”. Note there are 2 pages of drivers. Most importantly get LAN, Display, Wi-Fi, and Sound. Also probably get chipset and Touchpad.

There are multiple Wi-Fi drivers. Just download both. If the first one you try says you don’t have the supported hardware then just use the other one.

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And the intel graphics controller. Otherwise the speed of the computer and the max resolution will be pathetic.

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Does people still have to look for that stuff?

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@wilhel1812: If they want any choice in their hardware and software then yes.

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well, only 15 of 31 apps in my dock is made from apple. I have great alternatives for those, but i prefer apples. They intergate better with the system and my hardware.

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