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Best recipe for hot apple cider? (alcoholic)

Asked by appleyard (45points) November 26th, 2008

Nothing too fancy – I plan on just buying apple cider and throwing it in a crock pot with some spices and liquor. But what spices and liquor makes for the most delicious recipe?

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Actually, make sure you get a good quality cider. Don’t go cheap, and make sure to avoid buying apple juice.
For spices I have always used cinnamon, cardamon, some cloves, and nutmeg. I like to add the spices whole and let it steep on a low heat until everything tastes great! If you are in a hurry just use powered spices to taste.
As for alcohol, I would try some rum.
Sorry I can’t give you exact measurements, I never use ‘em.

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I use pretty much those same spices except no cardamon and I also add a touch of vanilla. For the kick, I use a good quality brandy.

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Add cinnamon, vanilla and nutmeg for sure.
And I’m with b on this one, rum is delicious in hot apple cider.

Good answer b, good answer.

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One of my favorites is hot apple cider spiked with Butterscotch Schnapps.

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I’d try making it with cloudy non-alcoholic cider, hard cider and Calvados. Add a bouquet garni of allspice and cinnamon and maybe some honey if it needs it. Simmer very low so the booze doesn’t evaporate!

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