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Can some one transfer from a US community college to a Canadian University?

Asked by monsoon (2510points) December 5th, 2008

I don’t know if they even do transfers in Canada like they do in the US.

But, If some one were to move to Canada, and be accepted to a Canadian University, could they be accepted as a junior and have their units from said US community college be transfered?

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Yes. Your credits may not be accepted, just like they may not be accepted here, but you could certainly transfer. It depends on the University, not the Country, as to if they will accept your credits. Call them up and ask.

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EmpressPixie said exactly what I was coming to say, word for word!

A few other notes. You won’t necessarily be classified as a “junior” student – your courses would be applied to the degree you are studying, and if you satisfied enough to be a second-year student you would probably be put in there, etc. As well, you might still be considered a foreign student in regards to tuition prices, I’m not exactly sure what criteria universities use to determine whether you are an in-province student and thus allowed to use the in-province tuition prices. It might be number of months residing in the province.

I highly recommend sending the university administration department an email with your questions. There’s no obligation to follow through and go to the institution, and they get tons of questions from all over the world all the time and have all the answers on hand easily, so go ahead and fire them off an email with all your questions might as well save money on a phone call, and you’ll probably get a more structured response this way, I communicated with my Canadian university through email when I was a student and I never had the need to see someone in person! :)

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