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What happens if you let yourself succumb to a siren call?

Asked by wundayatta (58638points) December 8th, 2008

There are activities or people or things in life that call to us, and we resist. We believe they are not good for us. But is that true? What happens if you succumb joyfully to that call? Mightn’t you come out the other side more easily than if you had resisted mightily and then succumbed?

Have there been siren calls in your life that you’ve resisted or succumbed to? What happened? What did you learn about yourself?

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Ok, here goes…

I have succumbed to to the siren call exactly once in my life. It turned my life upside down. Completely and totally upside down. I don’t look on that as a bad thing however. The entire process has been difficult – I am still mired in the middle of the my creation. But I do believe that in the end things will turn out exactly as they should and it will be for the greater good of all concerned.

I was going to say that there is a small part of me that wishes I hadn’t succumbed, but honestly, there isn’t. Granted life would have been much easier had I not, but easy doesn’t always equal right.

I would like to state for the record that I did not succumb joyfully, I dragged myself kicking and screaming and fought it all the way (truth be told all involved parties did). After about eight months I finally radiantly acquiesced and since then I have begun to found a peace that I haven’t had in quite some time.

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I was drunk so it was all too easy to succumb to my siren call. It’s still too easy. I have no idea if I’ll do it again, if I have the chance, but it feels like I might.

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I was sailing one time and this girl was wailing and I felt compelled to go to her then she disembowled my crew… it sucked. I will never answer another siren call again.

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Are you my wife?

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You drown.

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@jholler, GA for you, and I’d have made it five if I could.

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There’s been alot of things I would say I have succumbed to,and I can truthfully say I have turned out alright. Of course there were challenges, but you work through them. I think these experiences are the ones that take our perspective from the every day into the marginals of society, and with them comes a completely new view. How you use your new view as a whole other challenge, I find I use my experiences to better prepare myself for what ever is to come, whereas others may not.

All of that being said, I don’t know if you would consider any of my siren calls as severe.

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@jholler, maybe I am, maybe I’m not…

Note: I just reread my post and am embarrassed by my typos. >hangs head in shame< Obviously succumbing to the siren call has not helped my typing for proof-reading skills.

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every minute of every day,
sometimes I succumb to the voices(even though my doctor says I shouldn’t) and other times I resist and ignore them, either way i’m no worse or better off.
and other times I don’t have a choice.
in the end nothing I do makes much of a difference.

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Well, if it doesn’t make a difference, why spend energy fighting it? I found that fighting that call makes the call stronger. Giving in seems to have given it less power, oddly enough.

I’m not sure I have a choice either. I used to believe that if I tore myself away soon enough, I’d not get caught. But often it seems to me that when the siren wants me, she gets me. I think giving in without a fight is a kind of psychic judo move. It expects me to fight, and when I don’t it doesn’t catch me so well.

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I guess it would depend on what I was doing when I got the call, if nothing then sure run with it, if working then I would try to fight the urge.

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This completely depends on the nature of the siren! If it’s something that hurts no one (not just if you don’t get caught), then sure…run with it. Examples: Laying in bed all damn day, eating an entire container of ice cream, watching reality TV, etc… Embrace it and don’t feel guilty about it. On the flip side, most of the sirens are to be avoided for very valid reasons. Examples: Cheating on your spouse, committing suicide, robbing a bank. It all comes down to the old ‘pros and cons’...carefully consider the consequenses of what is calling you before you decide to answer it!

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While I do agree with augustian, I agree more with how lacerbabe99 put it… with them comes a completely new view… I believe many things are worth fighting off, ignoring, avoiding. But those sirens that just don’t stop… they’re worth learning from. Perhaps not as severe as augustian’s examples, but it depends more on the situation one is in than the siren that’s calling. Sometimes life calls us for a change, and, in my case, the siren led only to some of my most important lessons and experiences. In the end, I ended up right where I wanted to be from the start.

I believe no matter how far you travel from your path, you’re going to end up right where you were meant to be. Kind of like the whole “everything happens for a reason” cliche. However, I don’t feel that everyone learns what was intended for them.

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Well, Odysseus thought that he could do what he pleased which is sort of like the siren call that you seem to be describing above. In doing so, he drew the anger of the gods and was tossed about on the stormy seas.

He managed to avoid the explicit call of the Sirens, but he still fell victim to Calypso’s charms and passed many years forgetting about his family and his mission to get back home. Calypso’s island was no less of a siren call than the actual bird women out on the rocks. It was just a different type of distraction.

You can get by quite well in the arms of some sirens. My personal path had me following more than one song in a new direction. But the key is that I still had a larger goal in mind. I still had my faith in the gods as a backdrop to my journey.

Ultimately what Odysseus had to learn on his journey was that, without the gods, man is nothing. He had to give up his ego and his pride and learn humility. Only then did he find his way back home to the family that he cherished and the land that he loved.

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I pull to the left side of the road and let them pass, then carefully continue.

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I think you are suppose to forget everything you care for, and desire just to be with the siren. Sailors where suppose to hear a sirens call and in an attempt to follow the call they would crash their ship on the rocks along the shore. If they servived than they wouldn’t still be quite aware of their surroundings and be in a trance state till they either drown, starve or what have you because their only desire was to be with the siren.

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