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Why am I subconsciously attracted to things that are green?

Asked by shrubbery (10232points) December 11th, 2008

I’ll start off by saying that yes, my favourite colour is green and often consciously I choose green things over other possible colours.

However, when I am aimlessly browsing eg. clothes shopping, I seem to subconsciously pick out the green clothes far more often than other colours, without even noticing until whoever I’m with points it out to me.

The same thing happens say in a jewellery store if the cabinets are sorted into colours, I seem to always go to the green section first and only realise after I’ve walked over to it.

Does this mean anything? Or am I just reading too much into it and should just put it down to the fact that consciously I love the colour green?

You know how when you write a word lots of times or stare at it long enough it starts to look really stupid and you’re sure you’ve spelt it wrong? Well the word “conscious” is looking ridiculous right now. Someone tell me if I spelt it right? :P

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/me points at your username.

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Haha del. That’s more to do with stature than colour, to be honest :P

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I think you’re reading a bit too much into it. You like green, so it’s likely your subconscious would simply pick up on that and steer you to green things. You may have trained your brain to jump to green things via your concious efforts to select green at the first opportunity, so now your brain autopilots you to green.

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I do the same thing. For me, I am attracted to green clothes, jewelry, etc because I have red hair and green eyes, so shades of green look really nice on me. I think I have hardwired my brain to think that green = pretty, so I immediately turn to those things. In my eyes, green is beautiful. Maybe it is like that for you. Maybe you like green so much, it is what you think of when you think of “beauty”, so you are drawn more to it than any other color.

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Didn’t you kind of answer your question in writing the question? You like green (which, btw, says great things about you), so of course you’ll like clothes and jewelry and whatever that contains green. You probably enjoy spring and the new leaves on trees, and walking in the trees, and lawns, etc.

You were expecting maybe that since you like green, you’ll avoid it in your shopping? I don’t really get it. You think you should treat all colors equally in shopping? Why? They don’t call it a preference for nothing.

Yup. You consciously love green. You also spell well—a trait shared by many other green-lovers! (jk)

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First, I applaud you as a fellow green-lover.
Have you considered why you love green? Does your love of green go back to childhood?

One of my first memories is of a coloring book which was all about underwater scenes. It was my favorite because I could use all of my green Crayolas. Or, did my love of green come about because of that experience? Chicken, or egg?

Also, I know several fellow green-lovers who, like me, were born during the summer. We have considered that perhaps, at a very early age, we all associated green with cool or shade.

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Hmmm. I was also born during the summer. Interesting.

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I wasn’t born in summer. October for me. (But go green! Whoo.)

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< August birthday here. Love the green : )

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I have a color addiction to lime green only. Another August b-day here!

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