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Do you know what type you are on the Enneagram?

Asked by Trustinglife (6638points) December 12th, 2008

If you aren’t familiar, the Wikipedia article is good.

What type are you?
(If you’re curious and want to find out what type you are, here’s a test.)

I’m a Five, and I find the Enneagram to be totally fascinating – and useful. Have you looked into it? If you have, what do you think? Have you found it useful in your life?

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The test told me I was a Type Six, and I read it, and it basically outlines me.

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Actually, after reading over the type descriptions, I would say I’m a mix between four and six.

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That’s interesting – the four and six are quite different. Wish I could talk with you learn more why you think each might fit! The four is in the emotional triad, and the six is in the mental triad. Do you consider yourself more of one than the other? That could help you sort it out.

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I think I’m more 4 than 6, but there are some traits that I have that are in the description for 6.

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I’m a 5 and 7 but my kids would swear I’m a 9 and actually I scored the lowest on 9.

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I tied on 1 and 5, although 5 feels more accurate.

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A 9,of course. ( With a 1 wing) I find it to be a very useful outline. If you get the chance, take the full test of 144 questions.

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I’m one, but 2 and 6 are almost as strong as one. In reading the descriptions, this seems fairly accurate.

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5 with a 4 wing

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Type O, negative. I’m feeling question déjà vu (again) on this one.

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8 so if you want a fucking argument bring it on!!!!!!!!!!

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Type 7! And yea, that sounds about right :)

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Type 5. How exactly would you utilize these results?

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Type 2 with strong type 6 and 7 tendancies : )

Edited to add: Apparently, I have a ‘one wing’ and a ‘three wing’. What does that mean, exactly?

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I’m so excited that you all were curious enough to take the test. Wow!

How would you utilize the results? The Enneagram Institute website (where the test was) has great, thorough descriptions of each type. I consider this a masterful tool for understanding yourself and others. So you could look at what you think – or know – your type is, to find out more. Then, you could glance through the others to see if you can understand the people in your life better – especially what their motivations are, where they’re coming from. I have so much more compassion for my dad (a Six) now than I did before learning the Enneagram.

A great book is The Enneagram Made Easy. It’s short, hilarious, and still packs the power of the Enneagram. Great cartoons. A more comprehensive book is The Wisdom of the Enneagram, by Riso and Hudson. That goes more into depth, and gives a fuller picture of each type and their intersections.

@Aug, the wings are one of the ways the types intersect. Each type has two wings, one on either side. So, since I’m a Five, I have both a Six and a Four wing. The idea is that the wings are influences on my personality. Usually one wing is stronger than the other.

Thanks so much for reading and playing with me on this. The Enneagram is one of my big passions, and I find it endlessly fascinating. I’m a co-leader in a community that explores the Enneagram and Life Coaching. If you want info on the first call that happens next month (it’s free), send me a message. Thanks!

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@Trusting—I wanted to say that as a 6 I can see how a person might see similarities between the 4 and the 6. 4s are very doomsday, and sixes have high anxiety so I can see how those would overlap.

Also wanted to mention that as I understand the enneagram, you are one type, and it stays the same from birth. The wings are only the #s on either side of yours, so you can’t say “I’m a 2 and a 6.” You would have to do some deeper digging to figure out what you are. And I agree with trustinglife that typically one wing is stronger. I’ve also heard that we go back and forth between wings in our younger years but end up solidly in one as our personality becomes more concrete. To borrow from astrology, I’ve also heard this happens around the saturn return which is about age 28–30.

Anyway, I love the enneagram too. It has been an amazing tool for me.

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Forgive me if this is geeky…

@Emily, wow… I feel like I’ve been really experiencing both my 4 and 6 wings lately, and I feel like I’m definitely in my Saturn return now (I’m 28). I’ve thought of myself as a 6 wing, but I sure get off on thinking that I’m special and unique. Classic traits of the 4, if you’re unfamiliar. Interesting idea, Emily – thanks!

Tomorrow night, I’m going to be on an Enneagram panel near where I live in Marin: several Fours and several Fives will each be on a panel to share what it’s like being our type. I’ve been on a panel before and I loved it. I felt like I got to share what I’m really like – in front of a large group. Challenging, but liberating. (And that’s how I met the woman I’m dating now!) Really looking forward to doing it again tomorrow night.

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I guess I am a type 6, but I scored pretty evenly. Type 4 was my lowest.
Type 1 – 3
Type 2 – 4
Type 3 – 5
Type 4 – 2
Type 5 – 4
Type 6 – 6
Type 7 – 4
Type 8 – 4
Type 9 – 4

I took something like this back in 2004:
As a Type 2, The Humanitarian, you can feel strongly that your purpose on earth is to be of service to others and to make a difference in the world.

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I’d like to share one more thing, for those who are following this question.

I was just on a panel tonight with several other Fives. If I haven’t already, I want to somehow find a way to convey the depth and the power of the Enneagram. It is so deep, and so powerful.

To me, it’s not some intellectual parlor game. It’s like a spiritual practice for me. It points the way to growth, by pointing out the typical ways that people who are like me tend to get caught in our own traps. And because of the intersections between the types – how each type accesses a different point in stress, and in security, the complexity is enough to hold my interest.

Tonight I feel like I got to share myself at such a core level. In front of about 70 people, I got to really reveal what it’s like to be me. The Enneagram is such a great access for that. I see that it speaks to who we are at our core, on the level of our motivations, our assumptions, the things I would normally not think to share because they are so basic to my fundamental sense of who I am and how life is. We all see the world so differently – it’s amazing.

Forgive me for going on about this – it’s one of the things I’m most passionate about.

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@Trustinglife: Sounds like you are on your way to your dream job of motivational speaker : )

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Thanks! Teacher, actually.

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On this topic, I find that most people who hate personality tests are 9s. Anyone else have this experience? Every time someone tells me they’re not into it, my first reaction is, okay NINE!!

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I come up as something between type 2 and 3, which from the list of famous people under the test means I’m what would result if Bill Clinton (type 3) didn’t get Monica Lewinski’s (type 2) dress dirty.

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I’m a type five, but I scored pretty evenly on most other types:

Type 1: 5
Type 2: 4
Type 3: 0
Type 4: 4
Type 5: 6
Type 6: 5
Type 7: 3
Type 8: 4
Type 9: 5

It’s extremely accurate, for the most part, but I’m also very caring and loving with those I do choose to let in. That’s just kind of rare…

The way you feel about this is how I feel about Jung’s personality types. I have taken no other personality test that captures and defines my personality better than that. I’m an INFP to the core.

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@DD, a fellow Five!! Did you mean Myers-Briggs? Not sure what you meant about the Jung personality types.

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Yes. Well, it's actually a test based on the works of four different people if I understood what I read correctly. Here's a link to take the test I'm talking about, if you're interested:

It’s a long test, but well worth it. After you get your type, I suggest Googling your results, because you can find much better descriptions on the web than what SimilarMinds offers.

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I’m familiar with Myers-Briggs. I’m an ENFJ. Thanks for the link!

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You’re welcome. And I’m going to read about your type now, just because I’m curious. :) Do you think it’s an accurate description of yourself?

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Do you guys ever fluctuate on your results?
I’ve taken Myer-Briggs several times over the years.
I fluctuate between an ENTP and an INTP.
(Right now I’m INTP.)

Though I’m always a five on the Enneagram.

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I’ve been taking the test I linked to for years, just to make sure the results are accurate and I’ve never once gotten anything other than INFP. :)

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I haven’t looked into Myers-Briggs as deeply, mostly because ENFJ didn’t nail me the way seeing myself as a Five nails me. I’m so busted. And relieved. Being a Five reminds me that my um, quirks, aren’t personal. Helps me a lot.

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@Trusting: Ah, see, it’s the opposite for me. I’m definitely a 5, but I think the description of being an INFP is so accurate for myself that it’s actually kind of creepy. Heh. ;) I’ve always felt like an alien, my entire life, and finding out that INFPs only account for 2% of the world’s population suddenly made me realize why.

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TL: Have you ever had any other results for the Enneagram?
DD: 4.3%? I think INFJ is the rarest? This site is really neat too.

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On a recent quick Enne test, the results said I was a Four. Totally not true, aside from having it as a wing. It really raised my skepticism about Enne tests.

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Yeah I think I came out as a 2 and I’m a 6…........ I think it’s better to dig into the description of types….......

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@Nimis: Hmm. I guess it depends on the site you go to, because I’ve visited a few that say only 2%. It would be hard to know for sure, I guess.

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I took myers-briggs years ago and was an INTJ
Maybe I’ll do that again this weekend.

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So I’ve always been a two on the enneagram, always always… took it again and now I’m a seven? Is that weird?

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I’m coming to have less and less faith in online tests to determine Enneagram type. I’d suggest instead to read carefully the descriptions of each type, or even better – take a class or talk with someone who knows the Enneagram well. As EmilyRose said above, we each have one home type that stays with us throughout life.

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I love the Enneagram! I am a type 7, the enthusiast, with an 8 wing, the leader.
ENTP in other words. Pretty damn right on I’d say. lol

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