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What does it mean when your teeth fall out in dreams?

Asked by TitsMcGhee (8255points) December 17th, 2008

I often have dreams in which my teeth fall out. Usually, one will fall out, then a few more at once, and eventually a whole row will fall out together. It is upsetting in the dream, and I definitely find it odd. All of my teeth are involved, top and bottom, and it isn’t limited to front teeth – molars fall out too. Anyone have any interpretations of this?

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That usually means you’re very worried about something or anxious… there’s a lot of theories that it means you’re really worried over your appearance and how people look at you.

Whenever I have this dream which is rare it means it’s time for me to chill out!

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Here’s what Jeremy Taylor says about teeth falling out – I lurvvvvve him! I’m just going to include the whole passage here…

“Teeth” in the dream world are most often an archetypal image of the dreamer’s sense of confidence and competence in the waking world. Dreaming that there is something amiss with my teeth usually points to insecurities about my ability to “get my teeth into it,” or maybe I’ve “bitten off more than I can chew.”

Ironically, the very fact that you remember such a dream is a reliable indicator that the you, the dreamer, can deal creatively and transformatively with the problems that life presents. If this were not the case, you would not even have remembered the dream. All dreams (even nightmares!) come in the service of health and wholeness, and no dream ever came to anyone to say, “Nyah, nyah—you’ve got these problems and you can’t do anything about them!” The more emotionally charged, or urgent the dream, the more likely that it points to a creative possibility previously hidden from the conscious mind, in response to a pressing waking life problem.

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If I had dream like that I’d make an appointment with the dentist the next morning.

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Each tooth represents a hurdle in your life that you must learn to overcome but if this is a reoccurring dream than I think you should see an orthodontist.

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Perhaps it doesn’t mean anything

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It means you are aging prematurely.

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I have this dream all the time too! It’s very bothersome.

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well… let me tell you the last time I dreamed that my teeth fell out it actually happened… it was sooo sad!! and painful… About a week after I had the dream I fell off a bicycle and two of my front teeth fell out… I was in China so you can imagine all the drama, me not speaking any Chinese at all… but that kind of things only happen to me, so I think dreaming about your teeth could mean actually anything… don’t worry about it! unless you’ve had a few dreams come true…

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Losing your teeth is about feelings of vulnerability, insecurity, or defenselessness. That’s the manifest or concrete interpretation; your dreaming mind uses everyday objects, images, or events to facilitate the experience of emotions or problems in your waking life.

The latent content of your dream is something that is so anxiety-provoking that your mind camouflages it with the image of “losing your teeth.” If I were your analyst, I might ask what else you could remember, what your associations are to losing your teeth, and how you felt when you lost your teeth. Then the unconscious meaning of your dream (the camouflaged anxiety-provoking content) might be revealed.

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I have teeth dreams too but in real life I am worried about losing my teeth.

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It’s a well-known superstition that dreaming of a tooth falling out means that someone in your family is going to die. I remember my grandmothers getting really upset when I told them I had such a dream.

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I’m pretty sure I’m not actually worried about teeth or premature aging, and I’ve definitely already had braces, so it’s not that I need help with my teeth…

Its a very strange thing; they don’t fall out like they do when your baby teeth fall out, they just completely dislodge and I almost spit them out.

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I agree with skaggface. I was always told it meant someones going to die.

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Its just a dream, taking it too seriously is just silly.

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I agree that it probably has something to do with insecurities. I just had a dream like that last night and it really creeped me out but after reading all of the comments I would have to agree with Trusting Life and Mccabe. A have just recently gained alot of weight and I went with my friend to the mall the day before I had the dream and I felt so awkward and insecure with myself, trying on clothes that I would usually wear that are really cute and not being able to wear them. So I would have to say that I definately believe it has to do with being insecure.
Hope this helps :)

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This dream means that you probably are worried, or insecure about something, and this dream signals that. Or possibley that you may have something to worry about. I have had this dream too, and the next day I felt very insecure, and I felt odder than usual. This may signal something about your feelings. It also depends on how many teeth fall out. If one, or two. This means not to worry as badly as losing all of your teeth. If you lose all of your teeth, it is most likely, you need to calm down, and tryo relax, because you will probably have a big problem soon.

I hope this theory helps you!

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I’ve had this dream and found that usually it’s because I have unresolved feelings I can’t express. Maybe if you open up with your emotions this dream will stop.

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When I have a dream like that about teeth, and I’m a grinder, I wake up and check to see if they’re all there. Then I smile, and start my day happy I still have all 5 of them.

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Its 3:21 am and I just woke up from one of these dreams. Not to mention it’s the 3rd one in thr past 2 weeks.. wth is wrong with me? They really freak me out.

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Usually I can control most of my dreams…but not nightmares.
I have already dreamed about that… Crazy nightmares…It’s scary because in my culture it means death. :/

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I think it means I have guilt or worry that I don’t take as good care of my teeth or health as I think I should.. It may be about losing something very important to me in general. In my ‘teeth losing’ dreams the feel of the loose teeth and experience of losing them, the taste of the raw gums, hearing the detatched teeth click against the teeth I still have, are all very vivid memories of losing teeth as a child which was both scary and exciting, and sometimes painful, yet always with the understood promise of a reward afterwards I can usually trace elements of my dreams back to a recent trigger. For example, when I spit my teeth out in the dream they were brown and fragile, resemling the little snails that I had rinsed out of my son’s fish tank earlier that day (and felt guily about washing them down the drain).

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Last night I dreamt that i was sittin in front of a mirror. i was playing with my teeth with my tongue and they felt lose i tapped them with my finger and they just kept falling and mouth was bloody and i was crying it really freaked me out

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I believe it has a lot to do with the people you call your friends. Once you analyze the people around you and see if they are true friends or not, get rid of them and the dreams will stop. Thats what happened to me i had fake and phony people around me that wasn’t worthy to be called my friends so i got rid of them and my dreams about my teeth stopped. so everytime you have those dreams it’s time to clean out our closet and see who is worth keeping or dropping.

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Once I I had a dream about my tooth falling out and then I went to school and bit on my tooth and it bled and then while I was eating dinner I bit on my tooth again and it came out. I believe that when you have dreams about you teeth falling out then it is going to happen some tome in the day.

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