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Did kids ever make fun of your name?

Asked by laureth (27184points) December 17th, 2008

This is a story about a kid whose name was deemed too offensive for the local grocery store to write on his birthday cake. Personally, I think little Adolph (and his sister, with the middle names “Aryan Nation”) are in for a world of teasing and trouble once they hit school age. I was teased for my name when I was a kid, too, but it was probably kisses and rainbows compared to what these kids will get.

Was it bad for you?

(As it turns out, the family went down the street to Wal*Mart to get a the name on a cake, where apparently no one was offended by the name Adolph Hitler.)

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My initials are ASS. Yes, it’s been bad.

Edit: I’ve had LL Bean tell me they wouldn’t monogram my initials onto my backpack (like they normally do). So sad.

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my last name is Fowler, and as a result, I would get Flower a lot (and not just by mistake, but on purpose). Also, for some reason there was a theme for a school day (backwards day) and they took my first name Dan, and made it Nad (as in gonads). It didn’t really bother me much, but it was a bit annoying at times.

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My last name is Clark, and in like, second grade, kids used to say, “Girlofscience Clark…can’t catch a lark!!!”


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@RandomMrdan: Are you an artist?

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@girlofscience Why do you ask?

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Yeah, I was never really teased about my name but my name was always and i was embarrassed. so I just started going by my first name instead.

i feel so bad for adolph hitler and aryan nation, not only will they be more than just funny tease maybe even abuse with those names…. i kind of think that it’s child abuse to have those names…. extreme, i know.

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Removed by myself because I am completely stupid.

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@RandomMrdan: Er, I was very, very wrong.

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My name is way too awesome to make fun of, they would just look like idiots.

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I was told my name was a grandma’s name, which is probably true, and which I now think is sort of cute, but it wasn’t very desirable as a little girl.

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My son will probably be made fun of for his name…... Monroe.

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My last name growing up was Campbell and kids would ALWAYS ask me what flavor soup I was. I hated it but got over it.

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This is on behalf of my friend: Her name is Adrienne and all through her life people go “Yo Adrienne!” from Rocky. She says it gets really annoying and when people say “do you hear it a lot?” she goes “it wouldn’t be the first time!” lol

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@ladytmerie: i am sorry that actually made me laugh. i always thought the last name campbell was always cool to have.

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My last name is the same name of a certain type of clothing. But no one really made fun of that. I was picked on by one guy for the way my chin was shaped. He called me Jay Leno, and no my chin is really not that bad. But I will admit the teasing did taint my opinion of Jay Leno a bit.

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I heard this names a lot. Nick the Dick. Nick the Prick. Then some random kid on the playground would sing Nick, Nick, Nick ,Nick, NIck, Nick, Nickelodeon. My last last name is Fleeman so I heard names like Flea-bag, Flea-dip, anything to do with fleas.

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Monroe is an awesome name

Eric isn’t easy to make fun of, so I never had my name made fun of, but there was always the standard little kids picking on each other name calling.

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Not my name, but I was teased about other things. Painful.

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@laureth: why do parents do such cruel things like that?

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@cdwccrn: I have no idea.

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By the way, I’m another one of those women with a first name that is also a song. And if I had a dollar for every time someone broke out into that song when they hear my name (such as during an introduction), I would not be rich, per se, but I would have a nice down payment on something.

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Adolf Hitler is arguably more fucked up,
but Number 16 Bus Shelter FTW!

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My name is Jackson. I couldnt tell you how many times ive been called Micheal Jackson (ironically my dad remarried to someone with a son named Micheal a couple years back) or Action Jackson, but the one i hated the most, people singing “Sorry Mrs Jackson” FUCK THAT SONG.

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Talula does the hula? What the hell are parents thinking of???

And you know poor little Adolph will have a miserable life. He will either live in fear or become a fighter and end up in lots of trouble. this is terrible!!

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My first name? Simon. Seems simple enough, really. It’s amazing how some kids can take that name and make it horrible.

- Replacing the vowels with E’s (I’m not sure whether the site will allow me saying that word :P)
– Simone
– Simon Says
– Simple Simon

I was never too social in school, and I found these things annoying, occasionally infuriating.

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@omf- I have a friend who has the same initials. No, I didn’t get made fun of for my name because it is Jessica and I have always had about 10 girls in my class with the same name. I tried to change it to Paris when I was in third grade. Glad that didn’t happen.

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Tali: My initials are GAC. I had LL BEAN monogram some soft luggage that arrived here with GAG on them. BEAN rep said that the store would correct the monogram; I loved it and find it easy to spot on airport carousels.

My name is so boring, I have never had a nickname.

MY grandfather had a talking parrot named “Adolph.” but he croaked by the middle of WWII, out of shame, I think.

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My birth name was Amanda, which… honestly, after years of being called “A man, DUH!” turning out to be trans is kind of like Remus Lupin turning out to be a werewolf. It also means people were constantly bursting into song around me a lot. Boston, Waylon Jennings, AND Barry Manilow. Ugh.

And my original surname was a cardinal direction, so people thought they were soooooooo clever and original when they substituted one of the other three.

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My first name is Kim, and I got Kimba jokes all the time, but it didn’t bother me a bit.

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Not much to do with my name, first or last. People just mispronounce and misspell it all the time.

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@scamp: That was my favorite cartoon of all time!

I briefly had the last name “Green” when I was little, and kids called me a martian. Original, right ~

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If someone’s name isn’t funny enough, you can always try anagramming it.. my sister’s anagrammed into “Real Lesbian”, I still haven’t let that one go.. Mine anagrams into “Rwanda Abner”, which just sounds like a black version of Indiana Jones, so I’m bulletproof.

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my last name is Teen. so i get harassment from teachers and kids. especially because we’re forced to wear IDs at school, so i even get random people in the hall on occasion. i think teachers do tend to favor me a little bit more because my name is “SO CUTE”. pair my last name with my first name, and you have a porn star’s name, so the occasional kid and my gay uncle (i know right?) feels the need to let me know that too. but it’s a pretty cool ice breaker, i have to admit.

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@ omfgtali
mine are AJS
and for a while it was ASS but then my parents realized it and canged it

People tease my middle name. It;s Jacamo just about the ugliest name ever. They call me that instead of my fist name. Some people don’t even know that Alexander is my first name. I hate it.

@ schene how do you anagram a name?

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An anagram is your initials, usually sewn or engraved into something.

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@90’s, My parents gave me a middle name after they realized, so my initials are actually ALSS. But my friends generally elect to ignore the fact that I have a middle name. Teachers also get a kick out of writing our initials out on the board when they wanna put us into groups for projects. I think it’s passive-agression, they get to swear and no one can call them out on it.

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A monogram is what the embroidered initials are called.

An anagram is when you take the letters in a word (or series of words) and rearrange them into something else. For instance, an anagram of “George Bush” is “He Bugs Gore.”

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alexander jacamo

let’s all make an anagram and see what you get.

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jox [jocks] and a real acme?

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JACAMO!!!!!! dude how do you not like that name!? its awesome.

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sounds like jack homo or something it is really ugly if you think about that. You just think that because maybe it is unique.

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Your name is unique, and when you have a name like that you have two choices, hate it and pick on it like you clearly do, or embrace it. Ive been called Micheal Jackson my whole life, jack homo is nothing. Do i care? Hell no, Jackson is a cool ass name. Ya know if you stop letting it get to you so much when people pick on you about your name, after a while they will stop picking on ya. except that one douche bag that still thinks its funny years later, but we dont talk about him :P

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My last name is Bush, so as a little kid I got made fun of for having the last name of the President. As a teenager, I got made fun of for having a hairy bush…Ronnie’s Bush. Now, I get made fun of whenever I use my credit card. People act as though I haven’t heard the line, “Any relation?” before. Once I was getting a falafel and the guy said having the last name Bush is like having the last name Hitler. I told him to fuck off. Oh yea, and people say it sounds like a porn name: Veronica Bush. haha. I don’t really care, Bush has been a name long before we had a fucked up president, so I don’t plan on changing it.

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but there was a band in the 90s called bush n they were awesome!!

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@Schenectandy – Thanks a lot, now everyone knows my anagram!~

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seriously the kids in my school werent half as creative my name was Tinu and they called me tuna wtf? ! fine I get it but I cud see so many other ways they could have gone…

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