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What are some ways to save money on gasoline?

Asked by LynetteLynette (3points) December 18th, 2008
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Make a list of all the things that need to be done in the day when you are going out. so that it will save trips.

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i dont know if this works for other people but at the western convenience where i get gas if you buy a carwash you get 10 cents off the normal price, also if you shop at king soopers and spend $100 on groceries you get 10 cents but if you also have a member card with them as well you get an additional 3 cents so its 13 cents i believe but i may be wrong on that.

you can also carpool, plan your routes out so you arent going on opposite ends of the city instead in one straight slew, you can ride your bike or walk. dont drive crazy meaning dont use excessive speed when not needed and keep your car in good shape! :)

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@tinyvamp… very good answer. we have the discounts here to on the car washes too. I just didn’t know if that was just in my state or other states did it too.

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Saving money on gas can be done with two approaches*: reducing your consumption of gas, and reducing the price you pay per gallon or liter.

To reduce consumption, try the following: plan out your shopping so you can complete it all in one day, thereby reducing the need to pop out and get something. If you really need to get one certain ingredient, try walking or biking to the store. Carpooling is also a good approach. There are certain driving techniques that reduce gas consumption. The easiest is not going over 55 miles per hour (technically each car has its own optimal speed, but let’s generalize here). Most cars become less efficient at gas usage as the speed goes above 55mph. More driving techniques including being gentle (not driving fast then braking), not idling your engine for more than 30 seconds (if you’re gonna be stopped for longer, turn your engine off). Also make sure your tires are always inflated to the correct specifications else you will lose efficiency and gain nothing in return (unlike using an air conditioner, where you still lose efficiency but at least you’re more comfy).

The second attack vector is reducing the price you pay at the pump. Coupons are a great way – one gas station here is partnered with a grocery chain, when you buy stuff at the grocery chain your receipt includes a coupon proportionate to what you spend, usually a dollar or two. Dinky, yes, but that’s still a free liter of gas! As well some gas brands offer a loyalty card that either gives a discount on the price per liter or gives you reward points which can be exchanged for merchandise. Here’s the page of one of the biggest gas brands in Canada showing the stuff you can redeem your points for, which include gift cards and food at restaurants. So while it’s not explicitly reducing your gas cost, it is saving you money. And while the points sure are dinky and require a lot to have any actual value, if you’re going to be buying gas anyway you might as well get something for nothing.

*Technically three, you can buy a more efficient car, but the cost of buying a new car will outweigh the savings in gas for at least a few years, maybe more depending on your annual mileage, cost of car, etc.

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Just wait for OPEC to cut production some more, which apparently has the counter-intuitive result of lowering prices further…

“The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries on Wednesday made its third output cut since September to try to regain control of falling prices amid slackening demand.

U.S. crude for January delivery tumbled nearly 8 percent on Wednesday as traders dismissed OPEC’s 2.2 million barrel per day (bpd) output cut, decided in Algeria.”

via Reuters, 18 DEC 08

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Use public transportation.
Take crap out of your trunk you don’t need.
Keep your tired properly inflated.
Buy gas in the morning when it’s colder and therefore denser.
Get a Credit Card that offers 5 or 10% cash back at the pump.
Use sites like to figure out which station in your area has the best price before you go out.

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Pedal Power! Get a bike and ride it places you normally drive.

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