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What is "shamon" in all the Michael Jackson songs?

Asked by ava (977points) September 8th, 2007

Is that what he’s saying…and if so, what does “shamon” mean?

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Maybe “shame on” or something. If a word doesn’t fit in the lyrics, singers pronounce the word shorter, like “they are” pronounced as “they’re”.

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Not that I have ever listened to a single Michael Jackson song, but a shaman is a tradional spiritual leader and healer…shamanism

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Always thought it was “come on” pronounced like “shum on”

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@glial Yup, thats I hear too

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Thanks everyone. I just found this!!! Thought I’d share it with you guys!

—‘Bad,’ Michael Jackson (1987)

On the title song of Michael Jackson’s album ‘Bad,’ the Man Who Would Be King of Pop gives the millions of Jackobites worldwide these immortal words: “I’m bad, I’m bad, shamon!” And while it sounds as if MJ is extolling the virtues of some sort of processed meat product, “shamon” is simply his unique way of saying “c’mon!” As an exclamation, it hasn’t exactly taken off, but indie pianoman Ben Folds, for one, has carried the flame, throwing down a “shamon” of his own on his 2001 song ‘Rockin’ the Suburbs.’

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“jam on” mj version

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Ugh. MJ is so weird. Little Boy Lost.

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so mo [pronounced SHO MON] means “You Know” in Yoruba, a Nigerian language

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Yeah it means COME ON or C’MON. Why do people have to make everything he does more than it is. That one was pretty obvious:-) RIP

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lol. It’s Michael’s way of saying “C’mon”.

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shamone muthafucka! hoo hoo!

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guys its obviously shamona not shamon. listen and youl see that is shamona

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I don’t know.I guess it’s just vocalizing or his was of sayin c’mon?

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It means Come On – he also pronounces it ‘Ch-mon’ (the sound of Ch in Church) in other songs. If you listen to the beginning of the song ‘Rock My World’ on the Invincible CD, you can hear Chris Rock banter with Michael. Chris bets Michael he can’t get a girl they’re both looking at. Michael claims he can. Chris says’ ch-mon then, ch-mon’. (i.e., come on—prove it).

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Micheal Jackson’s album artwork and music videos have a lot of symbolism, including symbolism of Moses’ miracles against Pharaoh Ramses ii.
It it believed that Micheal Jackson says “Shamone” instead of “Come on” because thats how Moses would of sounded like attempting to say “Come on” because Moses’ tongue was burnt at a young age.

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All these answers are wrong…

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Some of these answers are actually so far off that it’s funny

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MJ loved music and was a huge fan of Mavis Staples…listen to her song “I’ll take you there” and she says c’mon many times throughout the song just like Michael. It’s him tipping his hat to a very great and underrated soul singer that he adored.

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