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Hey MEN out there!!! What's the most comfortable type of slipper?

Asked by rollid (98points) December 22nd, 2008

Buying my boyfriend a gift. The question is self explanatory. HELP!

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Get the barefoot dreams slippers. And while you’re at it, skip the slippers and get him the robe. They’re the very, very best.

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I’m partial to the Sperry Topsider. They’re comfortable and cheap.

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There are different kinds of slippers?

If I were your boyfriend, I’d just be grateful to receive something nice like that. What kind? I really don’t care. Sorry if that’s not what you were looking for – I do mean that to be helpful. I think you can relax about what type.

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I bought a pair of these Haflinger slippers for my Dad, and Uncle a few years back and they love them. They’re not only comfortable, but they’re also rugged. They’re the kind of slipper you can run out to the car in, or putz around in the yard with. I’d suggest the dark, steel grey color!

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What a nice answer :) The only reason that I ask about the type is because my boyfriend is super picky about his slippers. He currently owns about six different pair but none of them match up to his old pair, which currently have a hole so big that his foot is never entirely inside of them. I wanted to find a new pair of those but can’t seem to, so I need the best slippers ever made to outshine them. Thanks for the advice everyone!

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I’m not a man but my best friend actually likes the men’s UGG slippers.

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@Rollid, glad you appreciated my answer… now I get why you’re asking! And I’ll offer my two cents again, knowing what I know now. If after hearing suggestions here and your own looking, you’re still not sure… you might want to get him something else. It sounds like he’s very particular about his slippers. When I’m really particular about something, I’m probably not going to like something that’s not just right. Good luck!

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