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Anyone ever insult you on Fluther?

Asked by loser (15017points) December 23rd, 2008

Wondering because I feel like I’ve been insulted. I almost didn’t want to come back.

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Sticks and stones. Don’t let it get to you, the good times on fluther definitely outweigh the bad.

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Maybe…I’m not positive it was intended as such. I’m with krose on this. Don’t let one bad experience drive you away. You belong here!

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Yep! Screw em!

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Would you feel comfortable sharing why you felt it was such a low blow? I imagine it must have hit you hard, to have you consider not coming back.

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I think so but I don’t give a shit.

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I’ve been insulted., but I just think, low lives much? Insulting people over the computer is just pathetic!

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I can’t remember….

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Well, cheebdragon said I was a whore that one time, of course….. pretty sure that was
an insult.

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I just chalk it up that its over the internet and people just can’t really get a feel for the way your saying what your typing. Other than that its really small potato’s.

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Yup, but that’s like getting a present/blessing for me so I thank them.

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yeap and i too almost didn’t come back. but there are far more better experiances here than there are insults. most are kind! “don’t let the bad eggs spoil the good ones” as my grandmother always said.

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I was once strongly rebuked by one strongly-opinionated Southern Republican, whose name I cannot recall. I left.

…And came back 6 months later.

When things like that happen, it makes the Fluther experience sour. Sticks and stones may break your bones is not a rule that applies to the internet, in my humble opinion. Since all of our communications are verbal, words actually carry more weight than irl.

Sure, the ignorance a person spews should be ignored… but sometimes it is hard. If leaving for a while is what you need, like going for a cool-off walk in the park, do it. Just come back, because we enjoy your company.


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Hehe. I’ve been called a “moderaturd”, a “fucker moderator”, and a “fuckerator” before. For the most part everyone in this community is beyond amazing and I love you all. The spammers will be getting coal for Christmas.

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Especially nice to get squirbel back. Talk more, squir.

I actually really like cheebdragon too. No punch-pulling with that girl.

Back to you, moderaturd…..

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And I have been called things that were grounds for libel, they were so astonishingly far from the truth. The namer called has since left, not happily and not willingly, and is probably now, as I write, in a cell with padded walls.

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Just don’t ever treat anyone as having a dumb question, you might be missing a piece of information or just simply know what they do not. That would be my only advise to those who I find insulting

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@seVen, I’m so curious why you consider an insult to be a blessing?

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Sticks and stones can break my bones but words can emotionally scar me forever.

If I’m not being insulted, I’m probably not being clear enough.

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Yea, ive got into bitch fits with a couple different people on here before, but for the most part right after we PM’d each other and made amends. As for those that i didnt “make up” with i really dont care.It is after all just the interwebs.

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@bodyhead: When did clarity equate with being insulted? I do not follow your reasoning.

And did being a sarcastic blow-hard ever serve any useful purpose?

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I think people have tried to insult me a time or two. So far it hasn’t worked.

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Don’t worry about it mate,
Happens to everyone. Don’t let it get to you. I mean, most of the time the people who insult you don’t know you… right?

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I’m a loser. So sorry, I didn’t mean to insult you.

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The people who have insulted me have been the more unreasonable type on Fluther (you know the kind – the ones who hover on the edge of trolldom).

However, I know that I would feel pretty devastated if someone I trusted on Fluther was mean to me, and since I consider everyone here a friend, that means that it won’t take much to hurt me. I understand how that might feel, @loser.

I’m surprised, though. Who would insult you? You’re tops, man.

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@shadling21 Ah, shucks! Thanks!!!

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I was called a male pedophile by the undearly departed JA. Creative, if inaccurate.

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@gailcalled Oh good Lord!!!

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A couple of times, when it was really bad, the moderators removed it, but usually, it’s just a misunderstanding, or difference in interpretation.

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Only by shilolo once.

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Yeah, but I just put them in a big slingshot and hurl them into the sun…

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