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Free alternative for Photoshop?

Asked by netxm (288points) December 24th, 2008

What is free alternative for Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Flash or how can I get a student discount? Problem is I'm student of online college (Pennfoster), and doesn't have that college in the list of eligible colleges. I'm studying for Web developer, so I need Adobe Suit....

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I'm using but it's not Photoshopand NvU for Dreamweaver

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I third the Gimp

Of course, I like Photoshop the best and that’s what I use now, but before when I didn’t have it, I used Gimp and it fared just fine.

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You should be able to get the student edition from Journey Ed. Or just pick a different school on Adobe’s site. I seriously doubt they actually check to see if you are enrolled there. I know Apple doesn’t with their educational discounts online. I have never been able to enjoy the Gimp. Really don’t like the interface. Pixlr does the basics for free, and online. Pretty incredible what it can do in your browser.

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Are you sure they don’t check? I tried to get a student discount with HP (my school wasn’t on there) and they checked to see if you had the .edu email of the school you claimed you were in. I’d be shocked if Adobe didn’t do a similar verification. Otherwise, lots of people would be getting discounts.

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Adobe in the UK ask to see a scan of your college ID before they let you order.

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thank SellerAirman JourneyAd has it. Looks like I’m qualified to purchase it

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Yes I’m sure Apple doesn’t check, for the online store anyway. They also don’t verify if you get the military/governmet discount online.

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Inkscape is free.

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If you’re using a Mac I would strongly suggest taking a look at Pixelmator for image editing. It’s not free, but at $59 it’s very affordable. As for writing code, I strongly recommend TextMate (~$57) or Coda ($99). Dreamweaver is bloated and slow and as you progress in your studies you’ll most likely find that you prefer coding by hand using a simple, yet powerful text editor like the two I linked to above.

That being said, you should be able to purchase student editions of the Adobe products through Apple’s Education Store. I checked, and they do list Penn Foster if you search by zip code.

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NO, I’m pc guy, yet. Macs are too expensive, I know if you are working with photo or video – ONLY MAC but I’m beginner… but thanks @derekpcollins for stopping by

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