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Is it true that my iPod touch can be damaged if I take it to the bathroom while I take a shower?

Asked by 2late2be (2292points) December 27th, 2008 from iPhone

You know when you take a shower with the water too hot.. Can that be dangerous to my baby touch?

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If the condensation causes the iPod touch to become too wet, it will be water damaged.

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I imagine steam and condensation could be bad for it… just don’t take it in the bathroom with you.

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Yes, Because you might put it in your lap while you’re taking a shit and it might just fall in the toilet when hoy stand up.

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I use my iPhone as a radio in the washroom while I shower all the time. It’s fine but it is possible that the humidity will cause something to short. Very unlikely, IMO. YMMV.

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They should make next gen of iPhones waterproof.

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Yeah I guess…

Oh! And so does putting it in fire.

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Ummm.. Yeah well when I go to the bathroom I take my iPod with me And search the web for funny vids ! But I don’t take showers with it…..that is kinda wired

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@Toastlovingcat Hmmm!! Wired? Well, obviously I do not take it with me to the water, I meant that my iPod would be IN the bathroom while i am in the shower. It’s common sense.

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@2late2be – If your bathroom gets very humid during your showers, that could be bad for it in the long term due to internal corrosion.

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I bring my Itouch in the shower with me to use as a radio… Just put it in a well sealed ziplock bag and all is well. Just don’t drop it in the water. I wouldn’t trust it completely.I usually put it on the shower rack or something. Of course this doesn’t work with headphones… unless you have waterproof headphones and a little duct tape.

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