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If I don't live in NY, where can I buy a New York Times paper?

Asked by TheNakedHippie (470points) December 29th, 2008

It’s a dumb question, I know, but I live in Tampa, FL and it’s not like we have news stands or anything. Does Borders sell them? I only need one day’s edition, so it’s not like I’m in the market for a subscription. Let me know if you know! ;]

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Read it online, like I do. Registration is free. If you are looking for a specific article, try their archives or your public library.

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Many bookstores will sell the New York Times. You can find it at airports and train stations as well.

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Starbucks usually carries it.

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@Gailcalled: I know all about that, it’s just that there’s an upcoming article that I want hard copies of for sentimental reasons.

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I live in Dallas and I get them at any grocery store around here. Call your local grocer’s chain (definately a chain) and ask.

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The book stores will have it. Borders , Barnes and Noble. Hey Im from Tampa too. Brandon actually, but now live in Texas.

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Do you have any friends in NYC who can scoop up a dozen hard copies and mail to you?
When is the article appearing?

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Borders on Oxford Street (London, England) has the Sunday edition. I don’t know about the weekday editions as never there on a weekday.

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They sell it everywhere. Go to grocery or convenience store.

Care to share what the article is about?

Good luck!

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We are all very curious!

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Haha, Sure! I was interviewed by Abby Ellis about my teaching style. I teach yoga and don’t take the traditional “open your heart like a lotus flower” approach to it, so it should be interesting! New years day in the NYT if you’re interested… style section. ;]

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