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Where does Kiki's Delivery Service take place?

Asked by TheBox193 (992points) December 30th, 2008

I’m just watching it right now and I’m wondering where the setting is. I’m gong for Europe somewhere….

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I would have figured France or something, but I believe it’s just a made-up city called Koriko. I tried finding an actual city, to no avail. I also tried to find an actual city by the name of Koriko, but had the same results.

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Thats what we were thinking.

There is an island that is not to far off from the spelling, it’s in France: Link

Thank you.

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Miyazaki said about that city that it was “a mix of various cities like Naples, Lisbon, Stockholm, Paris and even San Francisco”.

The city is based on photographs taken in Visby and Stockholm (Sweden) by Miyazaki and his team.

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I remember watching that movie when I was a kid!
I loved it——the cat was my favorite.
I am not sure though :S.

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My oh my I love that movie! Same as 90s_kid, it brings back pleasant childhood memories!

I’ve heard the same thing at Brome and I’m going to side with that. If Miyazaki had indeed based it mostly off of an island near France, I’m sure he would have told us. He’s very open about the thought that he puts into his masterpieces.

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Ha ha imagine that. I just googled this same question and I found the answer here. I lurve fluther.

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