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Can you wear pants with a leg cast?

Asked by mccabe (327points) January 1st, 2009

I’m going to have bone graft surgery on my heel bone (calcaneus) due to a fracture and cyst (intraosseous lipoma). Normally I dress for work in a tie and slacks. What can I wear when I am in the cast?

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You should paint your cast to look like slacks.
and yes, you can

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Wear large pants.

Or, use this as an opportunity to wear the most comfortable, work-inappropriate clothing you want.

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Shirt, tie, jacket and sweat pants (or pajama bottoms), following pete’s sage advice.

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Hmmm…this may be a time for Utilikilt

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Figbash beat me.

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Thanks. I think the pothead is right on this one :)

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If we are talking about a really professional shirt and tie situation, you could split the inseam of some pants and sew/ mend them so that the split remains (kinda like the split in a skirt).

If this is really necessary, you might want to try some local consignment or donation (e.g. Goodwill) stores and get 3 pr of neutral colored pants…..take them to a seamstress and have them sew them to look nice.

However, if at all possible, I would go w/ the wide pants and/or sweatpants idea instead…..

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My daughter is in a full leg cast and worries about when she returns to school about pants or something to wear. She has some skirts that she likes, but she is more comfortable in pants. We bought her some loose pants, pj pants – we were informed that she could wear them, as long as they were a solid color, not a “pj” looking type of pant. I bought some loose yoga pants and my mother is figuring out what she can do with some jeans that are way too big for her, now.

It can work, I think Snoopy’s ^^^ idea is great, if it’s a professional (really professional) setting!

My daughter has taken the time to start painting her cast! It looks pretty cool. :)

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When I had ankle surgery and was in a cast, I found the “tear-away” pants like basketball players wear with snaps all the way down the outside of each leg to be very helpful. Even with wide leg pants, they often can’t “bend” around a casted ankle and then you get your leg stuck and it hurts.

If you really have to dress up for work all the time, @Snoopy is onto something and a seamstress can take slightly larger thrift store pants and open up the seam from the knee down and add velcro so you can open the seam to get dressed and then reseal to go to work. It still has to be loose or it pulls on the cast and that can really hurt post-op. The other way is to cut off the pants leg on the affected side and hem it. You have two different lengths of pants legs, but the casted leg will stay plenty warm (and is covered) and then the healthy leg gets a normal length pants leg.

For girls, it can be a little easier as capris work great for a casted lower leg. That doesn’t help if it is cold outside though.

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