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Which website has a collection of iPhone applications?

Asked by jdgraffam (9points) September 18th, 2007

A while back I ran across a web site that included a bunch of iPhone apps grouped together. It had things like NYTimes RSS, Eventful and others (about 10 in total). It had a blue background that looked like it had a noise filter from Photoshop put on it, as well as a png glow overlayed across the background. The site for the iPhone looked like the iPhone’s homescreen with little icons that matched what Apple designed for their home screen. The company that launched the site is big in the web standards community. Does anyone know what this web site is?

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getleaflets. That’s it, thanks!

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i installed ibrickr on my iphone. You can mod it to its fullest extent with ibrickr and installer. I now have gps, rss (for any site with feeds), a new theme, games, and plenty more. And new apps, games and updates become available on a daily basis.

Hope this helps

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i just know that facebook has had application for iphone and that sounds great:D

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