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What is the riskiest thing you ever did?

Asked by wundayatta (58722points) January 9th, 2009

What did you do, and what motivated you to do it? When you did it, what did it feel like? Would you ever do it again? What is the riskiest thing you’d be willing to do now?

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When I was 20 I went cliff diving, jumped off a 60ft cliff into water. It was a big rush and harder to do on the second jump (BIG wedgie) – but I was so proud of myself after, went home and called my mom and she just bout fell over lol THATS how you know its a good one. I wouldnt do it again, because I already did it – now the riskiest thing I’ll do is walk to the mail box in my socks. – oh ya – Motivation… I was 20 and slightly wild – some one said “hey lets go jump off a cliff” and I said “uh, OK!”

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Statistically: Drove a car.

Personally: Travelled to Russia alone when I was 19.

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Instigated a fight with a cop when I was drunk.
Motivation: Being drunk and stupid
When: College
Feeling: The handcuffs hurt, He wasn’t too happy
Do it again: Not in this lifetime
What would I do now: Something that doesn’t get me arrested.

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Got married.

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Walked the streets of Tijuana at night, by myself. I didn’t do this intentionally, my girlfriends left me. We decided to go for the night, it was spring break, and I lost my i.d.. The bar we were going into would not let me in, so my wonderful “friends” went in without me. They left me outside for two hours, to wander the streets alone. Luckily the only thing that happened to me was the theft of my cash. does this story count? Technically I didn’t choose the risk

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Ok, here’s one I did choose… Unprotected sex. I wanted to do it, it felt good, but I don’t need to worry about doing it again because I am married.

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I used to go into tiger enclosures and break up fights.
I spent six weeks in a distant villiage in Laos 5 hours away from the nearest medical care.
According to my insurance company, my scuba diving and rock climbing are risky enough to not cover me.

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No one said sex?

Ah, missed Jonsblond. nvm.

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I moved to NYC with $200, and into the house of people I didn’t know straightaway after graduating uni. Now I’m considered part of that family, though some days I feel all the money I’ve ever got handy is about $200.

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Moved our whole family, as well as everything we own, from Australia to America.

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hitch hiked, I was probably 19, my best friend and I needed to get back to our campsite, but it was raining super bad and there was no where to walk along the side of the road, so we felt like our only alternative was to hitch a ride. It was totally scary and I’d never do it again.

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@tantigirl: I would be willing to move the family to Australia from the U.S. Maybe you can give me some advice. :)

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@jonsblond – we haven’t been back there since 2001, however, when we go to visit I’ll let you know so that we can fold you up and stuff your family into our luggage, okay?

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@tantigirl- We’ll be waiting!

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1.) Hitch hiked (with a friend) because her car broke down and we were skipping class (this was in high school) – the guy that picked us up actually said something like, “I’m not weird or anything, you girls can call your parents to let them know you’re getting a ride with me if you want.” I really don’t know what I was thinking.. but it turns out the guy was just a nice citizen trying to help us out. Thank goodness.
2.) Stole vehicles with a friend of mine (all were owned by her father), many years ago, before either of us was old enough to have a license. We had places to go and no way to get there.. but I wish I’d never done it. Luckily I was never caught (pulled over or parents)... although I did come close once :(
3.) Unprotected sex, definitely. Especially when I was a teenager. I honestly don’t know what I was thinking – apparently I wasn’t thinking about the risks and consequences. Again, I was lucky not to end up pregnant or with a disease.

Good thing I grew up, started thinking more about my decisions, and stopped testing my luck!

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I’ve driven drunk before. (..and let the scolding roll in.)
I was motivate by friends.. and my stomach. Just one friend really. My best friend told me not to do it and kept glaring at me. I should have listened to her.
While I was doing it I was really damn nervous. It didn’t help that I passed two pigs cops on the freeway.
Nothing happened though. We got home safe, but I’d never do it again.

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At youth camp one year, we stayed in condos on the beach. The last night, a few of us wanted to be up early enough to watch the sunrise, so instead of just setting alarms we climbed out of our balconies, scaled the wall of the complex, and maneuvered our way down with nothing but concrete to break our fall. We got to watch our sunrise and spend all night playing on the shoreline, but our youth minister was furious. For some reason, I look back on those spontaneous days with great fondness… ;)

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Went into a bar full of drunken Mexicans in South Texas with a friend, who then proceeded to play pool for money, and he ran the table with everyone who put money up. He made several hundred dollars at $20 a game, but I was sure we were going to die when we left that place. We were drunk when we went in, and very drunk when we left, but when those angry Mexicans began giving us the hairy eyeball, I sobered up real fast.

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Lie down on a freeway onramp, pretending to be an accident victim in order to see if any cars would stop and offer assistance; they did not.

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@VzzBzz: What motivated you to do that? Did you want see what it felt like to be roadkill?

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@daloon Oh my, I was 15yrs old, drunk & disorderly and my friends and I thought it would be “funny”. No common sense. Our other funtime distraction was to hang from underneath a bridge where a train would pass and see who if anyone would drop onto the ground from the vibrations.

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The riskiest thing I ever did, at first was not seen as risky.
I was hanging out the side of a helicopter shooting video for a commercial. When we finally landed I realized my seat belt was not on.

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@VzzBzz With the train thingy, was the train above you or below you? If it was above you, how far down was the ground? Did anyone fall?

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Went spearfishing at 35 meters

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