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How would I dispose of a fridge and stove in the Memphis area?

Asked by bodyhead (5530points) January 14th, 2009

This is actually pretty straightforward this time. I’m looking for a low to no cost solution where I can get rid of two stoves and a refridgerator.

They make the backyard look trashy and the neighboorhood kids keep suffocating themselves in the fridge.

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If they are workable or easily repaired, call your local women’s shelter. Ofter the women set up apartments for themselves and possibly their children and appreciate anything they can get.

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I’ve already considered donating them but the stoves are EXTREMELY old, they are gas, and they could be considered unsafe. The fridge is missing parts and would need a good deal of work to get running.

I would gladly give them away but I don’t want to give away a headache.

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Maybe shoot this guy an email?

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1–800-GotJunk. But it will probably be about a hundred bucks to come and get them. My city has a recycling center that allows appliance disposal. But you have to take it there.

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That’s actually not a bad suggustion WayToGo. Thanks.

Harp, again I am in your debt. I just called Josh and he’s coming by today to see if he can take those stoves for scrap and I think he’s gonna give me a price to haul off the fridge. Harp, you rascally genius. How did you even find that ad?

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The ghosts of the little children led me to it.
Glad you’re abandoning your redneck ways

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Once I get tires for the Pontiac in the front yard, I’ll be like a bonifide northerner.

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Do it now, before you get cold feet.

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